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You’ll have to take the Stairs if you Live at the top of Europe’s Tallest Building


In what might be one of the biggest architectural blunders of all time, Europe’s soon to be tallest building will not have an elevator that reaches the highest floors. In a rush to get the structure built and continuous changes in design, the architects forgot to build the elevator shafts up to the top of the building.

Spain’s InTempo will be 47 stories high and the largest residential building in Europe. It will feature two separate towers that conjoin over 550 feet in the air. The original plans called for the building to only be 20 stories tall, but were then increased by over 50 percent. The original blueprints for the elevator shafts intempo skyscraperwere never reconfigured, causing the builders to only make the shafts reach the original 20 stories.

The biggest problem? The InTempo is already 94 percent constructed. With 45 percent of the apartments already sold, there will inevitably be some very unhappy tenants who live on the higher floors. With no elevators to help bring belongings above the 20th floor, it will be an excruciating move in for many. After news leaked about the elevator gaffe, the project’s architect Roberto Guerras said that apartment sales are slowing down.

With the building almost complete, it won’t be possible for the elevator shafts to be extended. The only viable option would be to build external elevator shafts. However, the financing on the building has already been a disaster, with several backers holding the debt of the original bank who loaned the money for the construction. With money also being a problem, there may not be any finances available to build external elevators. So if you are looking for an apartment with a free workout program, move into the top floor of the InTempo!

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