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World’s Fair Futuristic Elevators Dilapidated

Throughout the history of the World’s Fair, we have seen many incredible inventions come to light – the ice cream cone and iced tea for example. These inventions have been terribly successful and have gone on to win the hearts (and stomachs) of millions of Americans. But what happens to the inventions that didn’t create a lasting impact on the world? Where do they go?

Apparently, they don’t really go anywhere. Featured in the World’s Fair of 1964 to 1965 that took place in Queens, New York, two so-called Skystreak pods have been left to waste away, now lying in a dilapidated heap of twisted metal and stray trash. These futuristic elevators were displayed as centerpieces of the New York State Pavilion in the 1960s, but have been discarded by state officials, left to rust and decay over the course of more than four decades. These elevators were used to lift passengers up on top of the pavilion to take in the overhead view of the entire fair from the rooftop observation deck.

As of now, the entirety of the World’s Fair area is in a state of ruin, and many preservationists are becoming angry, according to this article. Currently, it seems as if one of the elevator capsules (which is shaped like a thick Frisbee disc) has been left in its pit to gather rust and decay, and the other capsule has been left at a level of about 150 ft. The article cites that city officials promised to either save the Skystreak pods or replicate them in 2008, but since its publication, nothing has been accomplished.

For now, unfortunately, these elevators (which resemble something the Jetsons might have owned) will continue to collect dust and merely serve as a relic of the time New York played host to the World’s Fair. One can hope that someday the SkyStreak pods will be returned to their original form.


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