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Woman Offered Much Needed Wheelchair Mobility

Mobility is something a lot of take for granted, especially if we are healthy and able to move on our own accord. Those who are disabled, injured or elderly can have difficulty in this area, considering the normal activities that are usually part of daily life. This can include something as simple as grocery shopping or visiting relatives. This topic has been well-covered in this blog and we have shown how power outages and broken elevators have caused a lot of trouble for immobile persons.

There are a number of tools available to enable mobility for people in their homes – from home elevators to wheelchair lifts – but sometimes these are not the right choice. Although many stairlift prices can be offset by financing, it may be the way you would like to go. For some people, the best option is an addition to your home, like a wheelchair ramp. These ramps can be a good solution in a few cases, but sometimes it may not work out.

Recently, a woman in St. Louis, MO, was being trapped in her home because of an uncompleted wheelchair ramp in front of her residence. According to KSDK, the woman recently had surgery which has left her in a wheelchair during recovery.

“She’s recovering from surgery, and can’t walk. Though she gets around in a wheelchair, a ramp to her front porch is a bridge to nowhere. It’s about half-way completed. ‘I can’t leave,’ said [Clara] Elam. ‘I’ve missed church. I’ve canceled doctor’s appointments. My prescriptions have to be filled again. I cannot leave because of the ramp.’”

One major concern for Elam, the article says, are emergencies like fires which could put her in harm’s way. Luckily for Elam, many viewers saw her story on KSDK and offered their help with the situation. Although there haven’t been any steps forward with those calls, hopefully Clara’s wheelchair ramp will be built soon.


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