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Where are LULA Elevators Used?

limited use/limited application

LULA elevators are the ideal type of elevator for low-rise buildings. LULA stands for limited use/limited application. They are a hybrid between a full-size commercial elevator and a wheelchair lift. There are many benefits to using a LULA elevator over a standard commercial elevator in your building.

Low-rise buildings are the perfect place for LULA elevators because they provide handicap access to a building and have a low cost of ownership, while riding and looking like a commercial elevator. LULA elevators are quickly gaining popularity with architects planning for both renovations and new construction.

Construction Benefits

The equipment and installation costs are substantially less than a typical commercial elevator. The space required to install a LULA elevator is about half of what’s required for standard elevators. The hoistway can be built frolula elevatorm wood or sheetrock instead of concrete. The pit only needs to be 14”, compared to the 48” required for standard commercial elevators. The overhead required is only 102” for existing buildings and 134” for new constructions. All of these benefits are why building owners and architects are using LULA elevators over standard commercial elevators.


While LULA elevators have a lot of benefits, they do come with some limitations. LULA elevators are still a hybrid between a commercial elevator and wheelchair lift. So while they look and ride like a commercial elevator, they do have the limitations of a wheelchair lift. LULA elevators are restricted to 25 feet of vertical travel and can only travel up to a speed of 30 feet per minute. The weight capacity on a LULA elevator is 1,400 pounds and the cab is limited to 18 square feet of floor space. Even with a few limitations, the benefits make LULA elevators the perfect choice for low-rise buildings.

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