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When Should You Select a Narrow Stair Lift?

narrow stair liftSmall and narrow. Average. Curved. Able to accommodate up to 500 pounds. Such descriptors accompany many stair lifts, including those offered through Nationwide Lifts, but for some homeowners, a narrow model is often a necessity.

If you live in a row or duplex with limited interior space or simply have narrower-than-average staircases, you’re often presented with two options. Perching stair lifts, while not available through Nationwide Lifts, reduce the amount of space taken up by having the passenger stand as the platform moves up or down the rail. For individuals who can stand and support themselves, this design is sufficient, but what if the passenger needs to sit down? In this case, the Indy Pinnacle offers the narrowest design on the market, sitting just 11 inches away from the wall and folding up at both ends.

If you or a family member require better mobility but live in a home with narrow staircases, take the following points into consideration before purchasing a stair lift:

Will the Passenger Fit?

Frequently, it’s not the stair lift that doesn’t fit but the passenger. Before you know if the stair lift will be a benefit to your home, have the family member planning to use the mobility device sit on a stationary chair near the wall. Do his or her knees touch the opposite wall? If so, the passenger may simply be too large for the home’s staircase to even benefit from a stair lift.

On the other hand, for models like the Indy Pinnacle, another factor that must be taken into account is getting on and off. Determine, first, if the individual using the stair lift will be able to turn his or her legs to the side at either end when stepping on and off.

Will It Provide Enough Space?

The average stair lift extends 24 inches from the wall when folded out and sits 13 inches away when folded up. In the case of the Indy Pinnacle, the latter distance is even shorter. However, no matter if you settle on a narrow or standard-size stair lift for your home, determine if the stair lift poses an obstruction once folded up to other passengers walking up or down the staircase. If it does, this particular mobility solution might not be right for your home and instead, to deal with the issue of narrow staircases, simply bypass them completely with a small residential elevator.


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