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Wheelchair Lifts

The versatility of a wheelchair lift is the most important factor in deciding to install one on your property.  With the ability to travel up to 6 feet there is very little a wheelchair lift can’t reach.  Plus a wheelchair lift can support both wheelchair bound clients and guests or clients and guests who are unable to walk up stairs. The wheelchair lifts’ non-skid surface makes it safe to use, while the constant pressure up and down buttons provide exceptional safety.

Adding a wheelchair lift to a commercial building gives you the opportunity to be seen as accessible to any type of client. You’re able to welcome new clients with handicaps into your offices and convey a sense of caring and support to non-wheelchair bound clients. It’s more practical than a ramp and more efficient.

A residential wheelchair lift gives owners the incredible freedom of the great outdoors. Because wheelchair lifts are easy to operate, a wheelchair bound person wouldn’t have to rely on someone to go in and out of their home. Plus, they wouldn’t have to move to a new location just because of a set of stairs. Adding a wheelchair lift to your home is not only a smart option, but also a safe one.


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