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What Is the Weight Capacity of a Home Elevator?

Vision ECIf you need to make your home more accessible to an individual with limited mobility, a residential elevator could be the solution. A variety of home elevator models are available to fit any house. One of the most important factors to take into consideration when choosing a residential elevator is the amount of weight it can transport.

Before you choose an elevator model, consider who will use it. Will it be used by one person at a time or several? Does anyone in your household use a wheelchair? If so, consider the weight of the person, the wheelchair, and anyone who may ride in the elevator to assist that individual.

Home elevators can be used for other purposes, such as moving furniture or other heavy items from floor to floor. Think of ways you might use your home elevator other than for transporting people.

If you only need to transport one person at a time, you can choose an elevator with a lower weight capacity. Three pneumatic Vision elevators are available with weight capacities ranging from 350 to 525 pounds. One model, the Vision 550, is large enough to fit a wheelchair.

If you need a lift with a higher weight capacity, the Vision EC could be the right choice. This hydraulic glass elevator has a 500-pound capacity.

Our Visi-48 and Visi-58 cable-driven elevators are the largest glass elevator models. They have weight capacities of 744 and 830 pounds, respectively. Both are wheelchair accessible.

Our Freedom home elevators have the highest weight capacities. The variable frequency drive Freedom Green and hydraulic Freedom Hydro models can each transport up to 1,000 pounds, while the hydraulic Freedom Elite elevator can carry up to 1,500 pounds. These elevators are ideal for transporting several people, wheelchairs, or heavy objects, such as furniture.

If you need to improve accessibility at your home, consider installing a residential elevator. When making your selection, consider how it will be used to choose the elevator with the right size and weight capacity to match your needs.


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