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What is a LULA Elevator?

LULA Elevators

LULA stands for limited use/limited application. LULA elevators are the ideal elevator for low-rise buildings. There are many benefits to choosing a LULA elevator over a full-size commercial elevator during construction and throughout the life of the elevator. Great for renovations and new construction, LULA elevators are starting to gain popularity.

A LULA elevator is a hybrid between a full-size commercial elevator and a wheelchair lift. It looks and rides just like any other elevator. The sole function of a LULA elevator is to provide handicap accessibility to a building.

BenefitsHandicap Accessibility

Cost – Equipment and installation costs are substantially less than a standard commercial elevator
Footprint – The amount of space required is about half of what is required for a standard elevator
Hoistway Construction – Can be built from either wood or sheetrock instead of concrete
Pit – Only a 14” pit is required, significantly shallower than the 48” required by standard elevators
Overhead – Only 102” is required for existing buildings and 134” for new construction
Cost of Maintenance – Only requires maintenance every six months instead of every month. Cost of ownership is extremely lower than a standard elevator.


• Limited to 25’ of vertical travel
• Max travel speed is 30’ per minute
• Weight capacity is 1,400 pounds
• Cab space is limited to 18 square feet of floor space

If you need to provide handicap accessibility to your building, a LULA elevator is a great alternative to a commercial elevator. The overall cost of ownership is substantially lower and you won’t have be sacrificing quality.


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