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What is a Home Elevator?

Elevators adorn many buildings – homes and commercial both. As many are modifying their homes with an elevator for convenience, installing one isn’t as costly as it used to be. Adding a home elevator is usually less than $30,000 for the equipment to be purchased and installed.

The most common type of home elevator added is a hydraulic lift. This is considered the smoothest and quietest design. One key factor when adding this type, however, is that a machine room must be added to the home, too. This room is often in a basement or lowest level of a house.

Two other types, machine traction drive and winding drum, are common in many homes, as well. A winding drum operates from above and moves the car by cables. Machine traction drive elevators are considered a green design, as it uses less energy and no hydraulic oil is needed to operate the car. When installed, this model saves up to 50 percent more energy than other methods. Both of these types do not need a machine room to operate.

The last and most recent type of residential added to homes is a pneumatic lift. This design utilizes vacuum pressure to move the car between floors. Installation is quicker, as only the tube and car are needed – no passageway needs to be carved out of a home to add an elevator.


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