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Vision Home Elevators

Accessibility and mobility are two of the most important tenets of owning a home. We all want to enjoy every area of our houses, even if we are limited because of injury or a mobility device. This is one reason why more and more homeowners are installing elevators in their residences.  A home elevator alleviates any concerns regarding limited mobility within households by providing access to all levels of your house. The best option for home elevator installation is offered by Nationwide Lifts, the leader in residential elevators – Vision Home Elevators.

There are 6 different kinds of Vision Home Elevators, each with its own unique set of options and abilities:

Vision 350 – Featuring a lift of 35 feet, this elevator requires no machine room or pit, which can be great for homeowners dreading an extended installation process. Have it set up with 2 to 4 stops, depending on the size of your home.

Vision 450 – The Vision 450 is Nationwide Lifts’ most popular model, featuring a hydraulic vacuum system that holds up to 450 pounds. Much like the other Vision models, it requires no machine room in your home, attaching itself to a balcony or running through a hole in the floor.

Vision 550 – This economical option for home elevators is a self supporting structure and can be fit into your home to accommodate for 2 to 4 stops.  The cabin also features wide panoramic view of your home.

Visi 48 – The Visi 48 (and Visi 58) is a cable driven elevator with no pit requirement – a feat in itself! Not only is the Visi 48 smooth and quiet, it moves at 30 fpm with a weight capacity of 744 pounds.

Visi 58 – Carrying up to 830 pounds, the Visi 58 is perfect for homeowners looking for maximum capacity with lower cost and premier safety features.

Vision EC – Featuring a cable-driven drive system, the Vision EC features the widest variety of configurations, allowing for front, side and back door openings.


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