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Vehicle Elevator Replaces Valet

Car Elevator

Do you hate valet parking? You have to toss the keys of your expensive ride to a parking attendant who moves your seats around or might take your vehicle out for a joyride, and a mystery scratch appears on your door. While valet seems like the luxurious way to go, too much can go wrong. Several buildings in the states are using a valet service that does not require attendants.

Imagine if you could pull your car into your high-end condominium and drive your car onto a steel pallet. After you turn the engine off, a glass door closes you and your car in the elevator and carries you up to your apartment. You walk into your place and the glass closes behind you and now you have a showroom in your living room. While this is not quite the reality YET, there are many similar systems being used throughout the states.Car Elevator

There is one building in New York that uses a custom commercial elevator to park residents’ vehicles. After you pull your car into the elevator, it brings you up to your floor, and you then back the car into a private space next to their unit. The system has been quite successful and is favored by celebrities. They are able to bypass any workers or people begging for autographs, because they are barely seen. The elevator will not go in motion unless the car is off, and once you arrive at your apartment, a sensor automatically turns on the lights and an exhaust fan.

Two Manhattan buildings use a system in which an automated parking system parks the car after yoCar Elevatoru get out. How it works is a resident drives into the garage and onto a turntable. A computer aids you in parking your vehicle onto the turntable. After the driver turns the car off and gets out, the turntable rotates your car, so it is facing out when it is returned. Next, metal teeth grab the car underneath the tires, and a trolley breaks away, moving the car vertically and horizontally to one of the 40 parking spaces. The whole process only takes around one minute, and it remembers peoples’ cars based on a key fob.

Elevator systems like these are popping up all over in luxury buildings designed for the wealthy. The convenience of them makes them a great selling point for expensive apartments. Europe has been using these systems for over a decade, but don’t be surprised if you start seeing them in the states more often.



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