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The World’s Fastest Elevators

People hate to wait for anything. They hate to wait in line, hate to wait for their food, and hate to wait on the elevator. We invented faster check out methods to decrease wait times in line, fast food to make getting food quicker, and now faster elevators to get to your floor in less time. Buildings keep getting taller and have more floors, so the elevators keep getting faster. New elevators can travel as fast as a car on the street.

Asian cities are the leader in the race to develop the world’s fastest elevator. Only one North American building broke the top five for having the world’s fastest elevators. The “Ferrari” of elevators in located in Taipei, Taiwan. The Taipei 101 building boasts an elevator that reaches speed of over 60 km/h, which is the equivalent to 37 mph! The Taipei 101 building is 509 meters high, and its elevators can travel from the fifth floor to the 89th floor in only 37 seconds. Each of these race-car like elevators have a price tag of over $2 million.

China, Japan, and Taiwan dominate the top rankings, with only the United Arab Emirates being another country that achieved a high rank. Here is the list of the top five buildings with the fastest elevators in the world. First place has a huge lead of over 10 km/h, and there is a four way tie for 3rd place.

1st Place- Taipei 101 Taipei, Taiwan 60.6 km/h

Taipei 101

2nd Place- Yokohama Landmark Tower Yokohama, Japan 46 km/h

Yokohama Landmark Tower

3rd Place-(Tied) Burj Khalifa Dubai, United Arab Emirates 36 km/h

Burj Khalifa

3rd Place- (Tied) Sunshine 60 Tokyo, Japan 36 km/h

Sunshine 60

3rd Place- (Tied) Shanghai World Financial Center Shanghai, China 36 kn/h

Shanghai World Financial Center

3rd Place- (Tied) China World Trade Center Tower 3 Beijing, China 36 km/h

China World Trade Center

4th Place- John Hancock Center Chicago, Illinois 33 km/h

John Hancock Center

5th Place- Jin Mao Tower Shanghai, China 32.8 km/h

Jin Mao Tower


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