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The World’s Fastest Elevator

The elevators that most of us ride are normal – not too high or too fast. This might be a residential elevator that brings us up a flight or two at home or a commercial elevator that brings us up 4 flights to a doctor’s office. Others may consistently ride elevators that go up many, many flights to work every day, but these instances aren’t the common experience of the majority. While this may be the most normal elevator interaction, some people are having a much different ride.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Mitsubishi (yes, that Mitsubishi) is working on an elevator that would break a few world records, most notably for speed:

“Mitsubishi Electric Corp. is one step closer to having its name etched into the world’s fastest elevator when the Shanghai Tower is completed, reclaiming the title it lost seven years ago.Upon completion in 2014, describing the soaring Shanghai Tower will unavoidably call for a mouthful of superlatives. Among them will be the trio of what will be the world’s fastest elevators, shooting up the skyscraper at a speed of 1,080 meters per minute.”

This elevator would break a current world record which stands at 1,010 meters per minute, says the article. Mitsubhisi had been the world leader in elevator speed up until 2005, when Toshiba installed the Taipei 101 lifts. The speeds at those elevators seem to be incredibly fast as it is:

“It takes just 39 seconds to travel from Taipei 101’s ground level up 382 meters to the 89th floor at the reigning speed of 1,010 meters per minute. It was a game changer. Until then, Mitsubishi Electric’s elevators at Yokohama Landmark Tower were the fastest, with a speed of 750 meters per minute.”

This is absolutely stunning for the elevator industry, even if it won’t affect your home elevator. I mean, it probably wouldn’t be safe to travel up two flights at those speeds!




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