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The Elevator Home

 Custom ElevatorThere are all different kinds of elevators in the world, from the simple home elevator to commercial, environmentally friendly elevators in office buildings. Many people with mobility issues look into getting home elevators installed because they would like to move freely throughout their own homes without any problems. Although one might think that massive construction work might be a drawback, many home elevator options are easily installed because they do not require an engine or lift room. So what happens when your home simply isn’t the kind of place to install a custom elevator?

In the case of one elderly couple in Bordeaux, France, they decided a major change needed to be made to their home. According to an article from Gadget Review, they turned the entire center of their home into an elevator for accommodation:

“Like a typical house, it boasts a set of floors dedicated to a variety of activities.  The bottom floors plays host to the kitchen and includes an indoor/outdoor space, while the second floor is for general living, and the third floor are bedrooms. In the center of the home is a giant platform elevator, allowing its guest to be hoisted up or down through the center of the home.”

The home, designed by architectural company Oma, was built to help the couple move more easily throughout their living space. Oma’s website says the husband was involved in a near-death car accident that left him in a wheelchair. Their old home was simply not fit for someone in this condition. So, Oma designed and built a home with a ‘heart’:

“The heart of the house is a 3×3.5m elevator platform that moves freely between the three floors, becoming part of the living space or kitchen or transforming itself into an intimate office space, and granting access to books, artwork, and the wine cellar.”

Technically, Oma says that the structure is really three houses on top of each other. The man can now move simply between the different areas of his home.



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