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That’s One Abysmal Elevator

New York is one very large city. One downside to living there is the constant need for efficient public transportation to travel around. Have you ever tried to drive a car through there? It’s difficult and that’s where this reliance comes from. Obviously there are buses and taxis, but the price of these can begin to add up. That’s why many people choose to use the subway system, which extends itself all over the state.

Using the subway in New York is usually a relatively simple process, you know, unless the elevator down to the platform decides to stop working on a regular basis. This is the problem with an elevator at 191st St. and St. Nicholas Ave. in Washington Heights, according to the New York Daily News:

“An elevator at the deep-cavern subway station at 191st St. and St. Nicholas Ave. in Washington Heights may be the worst in the system, a faulty box of steel prone to breaking down and trapping people inside. No. 1 train riders and workers were stuck inside elevator No. 106 five times between October and December, and the elevator was out of service about 25% of the time, according to MTA stats. In the last three months of 2010, riders were stuck in the troublesome elevator twice – once for 40 minutes and another time for an hour, an MTA spokeswoman said. Three other times, transit workers, including an elevator operator, were trapped inside for up to 50 minutes.”

In the article, transit officials blame the constant breakdown of this one elevator on the 24/7 operation, but elevators are supposed to handle this type of usage. Apparently, this is an ongoing problem throughout the city:

“It’s emblematic of a chronic, systemwide problem: The system’s 189 elevators frequently break down or are taken out of service for repairs. And transit officials yesterday conceded they need to develop a new strategy.”

It is definitely normal to have to make repairs to elevator systems, but No. 106 needs to be taken out of operation and replaced. Let’s hope the Metro officials develop some new approaches immediately.


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