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Technology Creates Unique Elevator Experiences

elevator imageNew technology allows elevator riders to have an interactive experience. Digigage, a Tel Aviv-based company, has created a software and sensor system that creates animated “wallpapers” that are projected on screens embedded in elevator walls. The software uses tricks of perspective to make it appear as though the scene is scrolling as the elevator moves.

Digigage refers to the concept as a “digitally transparent elevator.” The company’s designers created the software and sensor system to add depth to the elevator-riding experience and create a new environment. The images can include scenes of windows, aquariums, or coral reefs, as well as news or text. The system senses the movement of the elevator and responds to make images rise or fall on the screen.

Digigage wants to become a universal platform to provide information and content in elevators. The technology can be added to both new and existing elevators and is effective in both tall and smaller buildings. The speed of the images can be adjusted to make it feel as though the cab is moving faster or slower.

The control system is cloud-based, and one user can control multiple elevators at one time and change images and content from anywhere in the world using an internet connection. The system can be customized with text and information for each floor. The technology functions separately from the movement of the elevator itself, so it cannot affect the safety of the elevator.

The software’s designers realized that their idea had the potential to create a feeling of seasickness in elevator riders, so they took that into account when designing the system. It synchronizes the motion that a passenger feels when the elevator is moving to the images that the person sees so that they match and the rider does not experience a queasy feeling.

The company’s designers prohibit the use of their software for advertisements. Their goal is simply to create a positive experience for elevator passengers.


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  1. Amazing !! it truly can create the positive experience for elevator passengers, great news.

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