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Taking Care of Your Stairlift

More and more, stairlifts are becoming a major part of in-home mobility. This is especially true in homes where an elevator isn’t needed, but some type of mobility option is necessary for a family member to move freely between various floors. As you know from reading this blog, there are a number of different types of stairlifts, but we haven’t really covered how to maintain your in-home stairlift properly. While it is true that a technician is best suited for major repairs, there are a number of things you can do before you call your local stair lift repairman:

–          If your stairlift isn’t working at all, make sure the power source is connected properly. If the stairlift isn’t powered by an AC wall adapter, check your battery’s power level.

–          When the battery unit is drained, it can take up to 14 hours to fully charge, so be patient when waiting for the stairlift to get back into working order.

–          Put the chair into its travel mode, usually meaning that the back of the chair is facing the wall of the stairwell. If your chair isn’t in this position correctly, the unit will not operate as a safety measure.

–          Put all of the stairlift’s switches into the on position. Depending on your particular brand and model, this can include the battery isolation switch, on/off switch and also the key lock usually located on the arm of the chair.

–          Carefully inspect the safety censors on your unit – if any of these sensors are pushed in, the stairlift will not operate. Use your fingers to make sure these sensors are not stuck in anyway – they should be able to move freely, ensuring your safe travel up the stairs.

These simple steps can be a major help, especially when you consider calling a stairlift repair technician. You don’t want to spend any money fixing your unit if you don’t have to!


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