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How to make your Home Handicap Accessible

outdoor stair lift

According to the 2000 census, almost 50 million people in the United States have some type of disability. 6.8 million of those people have a condition that makes it difficult to bathe, dress, and get around their home independently. Those numbers have only increased over the years, meaning more people are dealing with limitations in their homes. Even though many people have physical disabilities, there are ways to make their home handicap accessible.


Accessibility starts on the outside of the home. Many people only take into consideration making the inside of their home more accessible, leaving them confined to the indoors. While ramps and handrails can help make curved stair liftthings easier, outdoor stair lifts are a better option. They are made to last, so they can withstand the elements of the outdoors. They make getting up and down the stairs outside the home a breeze. With an outdoor stair lift, those with a physical limitation don’t have to be confined to the inside of their home.


Stairs pose the biggest problem for those who have a physical disability. Stair lifts make any stair case accessible. Old age and physical limitations often cause people to be confined to the first floor of their home. With a stair lift, a person can safely and independently move from one floor to the next. There are stair lifts for standard stair cases, and custom curved track stair lifts for stair cases that take a turn. No matter the stair case, a stair lift can be installed to increase a home’s accessibility.

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Increasing Accessibility at Home with Stair Lifts

stair lift

Don’t let stairs limit your mobility at home. By adding a stair lift you can make your home far more accessible inside and out. From helping you navigate a staircase to getting up to your porch, a residential stair lift makes getting where you want to go easy.

Stair lifts are a very affordable and reliable solution to your mobility problems. If using the stairs in your home becomes difficult because of a physical handicap or restriction, a stair lift can help. Stair lifts can be man using a stair liftinstalled onto any set of stairs. A track is placed on one side of the staircase that a chair travels up and down. If your staircase takes a turn, a custom built curved track is needed. There are also special models designed for outdoor use.

A stair lift uses a rechargeable battery that allows it to operate even when there is no power. A fully charged battery can typically provide a user with 40 trips before it needs another charge. Stair lifts also have obstacle sensors, ensuring that you never experience a jam or stall. You won’t have to worry about getting stuck in the middle of the staircase. When the stair lift is not in use, the chair folds up to provide clear access to the stairs for others.

If you need help getting up and down the stairs, a stair lift can solve your problem. Regain your independence and have access to every floor in your home by installing a stair lift!

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How can Canadians Improve Mobility at Home?

nationwide lifts canada

Nationwide Lifts Canada provides Canadians with solutions to their lack of accessibility. Live with no limits by using a Nationwide Lifts’ product to increase mobility at home. Never worry about feeling constrained in your home again by owning one of Nationwide Lifts many residential products.

Many Canadians have trouble getting from one floor to the next in their home. Whether this is because of old age or physical disability, Nationwide Lifts Canada has the solution. Residential elevators and stair lifts can make every floor of your home accessible once again. Nationwide Lifts offers Canadians a selection of affordable solutions for expanding mobility at home.Pneumatic Home Elevator

Depending on your needs, there are several different products that can help. Nationwide Lifts Canada offers many different types of home elevators and stair lifts. If you need access to multiple floors, a residential elevator would be perfect. They provide safe and effective access to any floor in your home. You can choose from residential elevators that are small and compact enough to carry one rider to ones that are large enough to carry a person who is in a wheelchair.

If you only require assistance up a staircase, a stair lift is the answer to your problem. Stair lifts provide easy access from one floor to another inside or outside your home. They are inexpensive, don’t take up a lot of room, and are reliable. They work on a rechargeable battery so they can still function properly even if the power is out. With a stair lift you will never feel restricted in your home again.

Don’t accept limited independence in your home. Nationwide Lifts Canada can help you regain your independence by improving your mobility. You will never again be constricted to the first floor of your home after you install a residential elevator or stair lift.

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How to Choose a Home Stair Lift

Home Stair Lift

Are you looking to increase accessibility and enhance mobility in your home? When getting from one floor to the next becomes a challenge, a home stair lift can help you regain your independence. So how do you choose which home stair lift is right for you?

Do you need assistance indoors or outdoors?

There are both indoor and outdoor home stair lifts. If you should decide that you need help getting up and down a set of stairs outside your home, there are special outdoor stair lifts. They are made to withstand the elecurved stair liftments of the outdoors and have weather-tight covers to protect them when they aren’t in use.

If you need to enhance mobility inside your home, there are typically several different models to choose from.  Stair lifts range in price, so you first need to decide on how much you want to spend. From base models to more luxurious models, choose the type of stair lift that fits your budget and needs. There are also weight limits on each model, with special stair lifts for individuals who do not meet a certain weight requirement.

Is the staircase straight or curved?

The other thing you need to know before choosing a stair lift is if the staircase is straight or curved. If the staircase you are planning to install the stair lift on is straight, you will have more options. However, if the staircase curves or takes a turn before reaching the next floor, you will need a special curved stair lift. Curved stair lifts use custom built tracks that are designed to fit your staircase. This allows you to travel up and down any staircase in your home.

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How to Choose the Right Home Stair Lift

curved stair lift

Stair lifts are a great way to improve mobility and regain independence in your home. The elderly and physically disabled have the most to gain from having a home stair lift. There are different types of home stair lifts, so it is important to choose the right one for your needs.

When deciding on which stair lift is right for your needs, you should first figure out where you want to have it installed. Do you need help getting up and down the stairs insideHome Stair Lift or outside? If you are planning on having your stair lift installed outside, there are special outdoor models. They are made to withstand the harshest weather and years of use. This way you are not restricted to your home during inclement weather conditions. They typically come with a cover for when you are not using the unit.

If you are looking for increased mobility inside your home, there are several options to choose from. Before choosing an indoor stair lift model you must figure out if the staircase you are going to have the lift installed on goes straight up or takes a turn. When a staircase has a turn, a special curved stair lift has to be used. A custom track must be built to suit the specifications of your curved staircase. If your staircase is not curved, you can get a standard stair lift. These stair lifts usually come in several different models. Some models come with more extras, while others are larger and can hold more weight.

Once you have figured out where the stair lift will go, you can start experiencing the mobility and independence that comes with it. Being able to travel between floors in your home or outside with no help will give you a greater sense of independence. Never be restricted in your own home again after you have a stair lift installed!

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