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Advantages of Stair Lifts for Pregnant Women

Pregnant Stair Lift

Many elderly people and those with physical limitations use stair lifts to increase mobility at home. Many people do not know that stair lifts can also be beneficial for another group of people. Pregnant women are a demographic of people who could also take advantage of the many benefits that a stair lift can provide.

Stair lifts are inexpensive, easy to use, and practical for every home. People underestimate the problems with mobility that pregnancy can cause and probably do not think about how hard it can be to walk up and down the stairs in the late stages of pregnancy. What many people do not know is that many companies who sell stair lifts also have rental programs and used models that retail fIndy Stair Liftor less.

During the final months of pregnancy, a woman’s center of balance changes substantially, causing stairs to become a risk. Women need to lean back further to keep their balance and a steep staircase can be difficult to use. Pregnant women release a hormone called relaxin, which lubricates their joints in preparation for birth. A side effect of this hormone can be higher risk of injury, including dislocated hips and pulling of muscles. For pregnant women in the late stages of pregnancy who want to minimize their risk of injury, renting a stair lift can be a great option. You can have all the benefits of a stair lift for a short period of time, for less. Another option is to purchase a used stair lift. You can get a great stair lift you can keep forever, for less.

Purchasing a stair lift is a priceless investment. Even if you are pregnant and only need it for a short period of time, elderly family members or those with physical limitations could benefit from you having a stair lift in your home. If you do not want to spend a lot of money but want the benefits of a stair lift, purchase a used lift or take advantage of a rental program. Cut down on the risk of injury during pregnancy by having a stair lift installed in your home!

Improve the Quality of Life at Home with a Stair Lift

Indy Lux Stair LiftThere are many people who are restricted in their homes because of physical limitations. Whether it is because of old age or a handicap, lots of people struggle to do simple tasks like walk up the stairs. While most people don’t think twice about walking up and down the stairs, there are millions of people who can no longer do it.

Improving the Quality of Life

To regain independence and mobility, a stair lift should be installed in the home. A stair lift will provide a safe and convenient mode of transportation up any set of stairs. A stair lift will improve the quality of life at home by giving a person back their independence and making the whole house accessible again. Many people are forced to leave their home because they can no longer reach important rooms of the house. Since they are no longer able to live independently, they have to move into an assisted living community. For many, this is a choice that they do not want to make but have to because of the mobility issues they have at home. After installing a stair lift, a person can have the freedom to independently travel between floors and extend their life at home.

How it Works

A stair lift works by using a system that involves a track, chair, and rechargeable battery. First, depending on Indy Curve Stair Liftthe staircase, a straight or curved track is installed up against the wall. A curved track is only used when the stairs take a turn before reaching the next floor and must be custom made. After the track is installed, a chair is placed on the track. The chair will have a foot rest, armrests, and seat belt. The chair can be customized with different sizes, colors, and upholstery. The chair is powered by a rechargeable battery that is plugged into a standard wall outlet. The battery charges when the chair is not in use and most will hold a charge big enough to provide 40 trips. The biggest benefit of the rechargeable battery is that it will never get stuck and can be used even if there is a power outage. The chair swivels when the destination is reached for easy on and off access. Whenever the chair is not being used, it can fold up so it will not hinder the stairs, allowing anyone else to still access the walkway.

The quality of life will instantly be improved after a stair lift is installed. They are an affordable and reliable solution to having mobility issues at home. No longer will any part of the house be unreachable.

Elevators and Stair Lifts can help those with Limited Mobility


As people get older, mobility issues can make simple tasks in your home a strain. Things as easy as walking up the front stairs to the door or going up and down the stairs inside your home can become a difficult task for the elderly or someone with physical limitations. Being able to stay independent at home will improve your quality of life, and there are a few things you can do to increase your mobility.

Homeowners with limited ability have several options when looking to increase mobility both inside and outside of their home, these options include:

stair lift

Stair Lifts. Installing a stair lift in your home is simple, affordable, and practical. Anyone who has trouble with walking up and down stairs can benefit from them. They can be made to fit any staircase, use very little electricity, and fold up when not in use. Most stair lifts use a straight track to travel the staircase, but when a turn is involved, a custom curved track can be made. They run off a rechargeable battery that plugs into a normal wall outlet. This makes stair lifts have a low cost of ownership. When you aren’t using your stair lift, you can fold it up so the stairway is not hindered. There are also models for both indoors and outdoors.

wheelchair lift


Wheelchair Lifts. Wheelchair lifts are a great for someone who uses a wheelchair to get up and down the stairs. With models that can be used indoors or outdoors, wheelchair lifts make any stairs accessible. Some wheelchair lifts work like open elevators and lift you straight up. Others have a track and platform that carry you between floors. The models with platforms are great, because they can fold up like a stair lift. Having the freedom to travel anywhere in your home without ever leaving your wheelchair makes a wheelchair lift a priceless investment.


Home elevators. Home elevators are the most expensive option, but also have many upsides. They will add value to your pneumatic elevatorhome and can travel several floors. The demand for home elevators has increased, and this increases the value of a home that has one. Home elevators also have the ability to travel up and down several floors. New technology like pneumatic elevators can easily be installed into any home because they do not need a pit of machine room. They are self-standing and can be attached to a balcony or travel through a hole in the floor. They are also extremely energy efficient and require little maintenance. There are many models to choose from, and you can get one small enough for a single rider or large enough to fit someone in a wheelchair.

About the Electra-Ride Elite Outdoor Stair Lift

Stair lifts can be an effective way to help elderly and handicapped persons move freely between Electra-Ride Elite Outdoor Stair Lift floors of their houses, but what about when a house isn’t accessible from the outside? With
Electra-Ride’s Elite Outdoor Stair Lift
, staircases outside of homes are ascended and descended with ease. This stair lift meets ANSI A18.1 requirements and runs on two 12-volt batteries that require no special wiring – just plug into any standard outlet. The Elite Outdoor Stair Lift also features:

• Fully adjustable, contoured seat along with a large, accommodating seat size.
• Adaptable armrests and footrests to make your seating as comfortable as possible
• A weight capacity of up to 400 lbs.
• A weather-resistant cover system that does not require any fumbling – it moves with the lift as it operates.
• Stainless steel hardware tested for use in temperatures ranging from 0°F to 125°F.
• Powder-coated paint for peak protection from any outdoor conditions
• A locking swivel seat at moves at the top and bottom of the stairway.
• Special soft-start and soft-start controls for maximum comfort.
• Easy installation – can be placed on either side of the stairway as close as 7” from the side.
• An on-board audio and visual diagnostic system for simpler and more concise service if problems arise.
• Available custom length tracks for difficult areas outside of your home.
• Effortless wheelchair transfers with flip-up armrests
• Battery power that ensures usage even during outages

The Electra-Ride Outdoor Stair Lift is a premiere system for anyone needing assistance with stairways on patios, decks, porches and any other area where ramps aren’t available outside of your home. It will make your movement up and down outdoor stairs effortless and will provide you with the comfort and security of any indoor stair lift.

About the Electra-Ride LT Straight Stair Lift

One available option for modifying many homes is to install a stair lift. This device aligns with your staircase and takes you or another family member from one floor to the next. Particularly convenient for two-story homes, stair lifts come in straight and curved varieties. The Electra-Ride LT Straight stair lift is of the former and offers several features that make mobility in your home easier. Some of these include:

• The capacity to carry up to 275 pounds.
• A compact design. All seats, arms, and foot rests flip up and won’t be an impediment for others using the staircase.
• Adjustable seat height and a lowering foot rest. Find the height that works best for your frame.
• Smooth and quiet traveling. When moving up the stairs, the seat experiences no stalling or hesitation.
• A swivel seat that moves between 67 and 90-degree angles. Stand up out of the seat at a direction or angle that works best for you.
• Meeting all ANSI A-18.1 residential requirements.
• Blends in with your existing stairs. The covered gear rack makes for a clean and attractive rail and won’t stand out against your existing stairs and trim.
• Two remote wireless call and send controls.
• A space of 18.5 inches between armrests.
• Safety sensors on the footplate and carriage.
• An adjustable seat belt and buckle.

If walking up the stairs has become difficult, purchasing a stair lift would make getting up to the second floor considerably easier. The Electra-Ride LT Straight stair lift offers this convenience for moving between floors. The stair lift simply aligns with your current staircase and, once installed, will make getting around easier. Why purchase another home and move when the addition of a straight stair lift can modify your existing one?

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