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Solar Powered Elevators on their way to the U.S.

solar powered elevator

Americans may be riding in elevators running on solar power by as early as 2015. The first people to get this experience may be in the nation’s capital. A Washington, D.C. area real estate firm called Akridge is teaming up with the Switzerland based Schindler Elevator Company to bring the solar powered technology to the United States.

Solar powered elevators are already being used in Europe today. The commercial elevators powered by the sun in Europe utilize rooftop solar panels and are able to function separately from a city’s power grid. The solar panels capture energy and store it in batteries, allowing the elevators to operate at night or during a power outage.

These green elevators should be available in India and more locations in Europe by the end of the year. Schindler hopes to put the solar powered elevators into U.S. commercial buildings by 2015. The solar powered elevator is part of Schindler’s effort to create more efficient and environmentally friendly ways to move people.

Schindler continues to make strides in solar technology. They are also a partner in the Solar Impulse Project, which is developing a solar powered airplane. Renewable energy is going to be very important in the near future and Schindler is doing what they can do help prepare. Their solar powered elevators should help reduce energy consumption and make the world much greener.

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Schindler Partners with Solar Impulse on Solar Powered Plane

Schindler Solar Impulse

Solar Impulse is an organization that has been working on a zero fuel airplane that runs on only solar energy. They have created a solar powered aircraft that they hope to fly around the world. Schindler, an elevator company, has partnered with Solar Impulse to provide them with technical expertise and financial support.

Schindler has a lot of experience in solar powered technology because they have created solar powered elevator systems. As demands for mobility grows and fuel resources decrease and becomes more expensive, the future lies in clean, sustainable energy from renewable sources. Solar Powered AirplaneSchindler has been developing solar powered technology to power their elevators and decrease energy costs for buildings.

Schindler has been working with Solar Impulse on their solar powered airplane technically and financially. Solar Impulse’s plane has already flown to between many cities in the United States. They are now working side by side with Schindler engineers to develop innovations that will revolutionize the structure of materials by improving their robustness and reducing their weight. This type of innovation will not only improve the ability of Solar Impulse’s airplane, it will help make significant reductions in energy consumption for Schindler’s elevators.

Schindler is proud to work with Solar Impulse on their “Across America” mission and their combined efforts will help both companies. Schindler has already made strides in elevator technology and energy reduction by creating their destination dispatching system, machine room-less elevators, regenerative drives, and variable speed escalator technology. In combination with Solar Impulse, Schindler will be able to improve on their already successful solar powered elevator.

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New “Green” Residential Elevator Introduced

The Otis Elevator Company is launching a new residential elevator called the Gen2 Switch. This new eco-friendly elevator eliminates the need for three phase power, can run off solar power, and uses battery technology to allow it to run even in a power outage. With the popularity of residential elevators increasing, the Gen2 should see a large market interested in it.

The Gen2 Switch green residential elevator builds upon the already ground-breaking Gen2 product line. The new Green Elevatorresidential elevator is easy to install, more sustainable, and safer during power failures or outages.

Simpler: The Gen2 Switch plugs into your basic electrical outlet. Once it is plugged in, the elevator has all the power it needs to run.

Sustainable: Just like the other Otis Gen2 elevators, the Switch uses flat-belts and ReGen drives. This makes the Switch up to 75-percent more energy efficient than other traditional home elevators. The Switch also requires 12 times less power from the power grid, in comparison to the standard Gen2 residential elevator. The system’s single phase technology is capable of drawing renewable power from resources such as solar panels and wind turbines.

Safer: Having a rechargeable battery means never being stuck inside your residential elevator in the event of a power failure or outage. So whether you are in a wheelchair or just bringing up groceries, there is no fear of being stuck inside due to a loss of power.

Many people are installing residential elevators to help make everyday tasks more convenient or to increase mobility for those with a physical limitation. At the same time, people are looking for ways to be more energy efficient and keep their energy bills down. The Gen2 Switch does both by allowing anyone to confidently and independently reach every floor of their home while using far less energy than other residential elevators.

Schindler Introduces Solar Powered Elevator System

Solar Powered Elevator

Every company is trying to figure out how they can make their product more energy efficient. With “going green” and leaving a smaller carbon footprint becoming a popular trend, companies are doing what they can to stay with the times. To become more green company, Schindler Elevator Corporation has introduced their new elevator that is powered by solar energy.

Schindler is one of the world’s leaders in elevators and escalators. They have been dedicating a lot of the company’s time to finding ways to make their elevators more energy efficient. Besides creating PORT, an elevator system that decreases energy use by minimizing the number of stops a cab makes, Schindler has created an elevator that can run solely on solar power.

This latest innovation in elevator technology boasts an energy savings of up to 50 percent per year, in comparison to a conventional model. The solar-powered elevator is an adapted version of Schindler’s successful 3300 model and is currently being introduced to the market. The new elevator can operate by solar energy, power from the grid, or a combination of both. Depending on the configuration and available sunlight, it is Elevatorpossible to run the elevator solely on solar power.

Solar panels are placed on the rooftop of the building to create the power for the elevator. They panels are sized based on the building’s anticipated traffic, and how much power would be needed during extended periods of reduced sunlight. The energy that is captured by the solar panels can be used immediately, stored in batteries, or even re-sold to the grid.

Having the stored energy will make traveling in one of the solar powered elevators safer. It offers a unique advantage of having stored power during a power outage. This will allow a building to tap into the stored solar energy to continue operation, minimizing the chance of an elevator getting stuck in the shaft.

The Schindler Group, founded in 1874, hopes to continue to optimize this new solar power technology and make their elevators as energy efficient as possible. The company employs over 45,000 people in over 100 countries. Every day, one billion people are moved by a Schindler elevator all over the world.

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