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Green Elevators Save Energy

green elevatorsManufacturers produce green products that are energy efficient and environmentally friendly, including elevators, with a variety of new models that save energy and operate efficiently.

The biggest green energy-saving innovation in elevator design is the traction elevator, which is up to 75 percent more efficient than traditional hydraulic elevators. They use smaller motors, cables and counterweights to move the elevator up and down that results in a more efficient system that doesn’t require oil and other toxic pollutants.

Traction elevators also use regenerative drive systems that produce additional energy savings by capturing energy that would otherwise be lost as heat and re-directing it back to other parts of the elevator system or back to the building’s main electrical grid. Regenerative drives produce power for lighting and air conditioning and save money by reducing the need for machine room cooling.

Some of the new green elevators are Machine Room-Less (MRL) elevators that use gearless machines in the elevator hoistway, which reduces the amount of material used and saves valuable square footage. Green MRL elevators allow for the most efficient use of a home’s living space with less intrusive construction.

Green elevators can also be equipped with LED lighting that can turn off when not in use, which reduces energy consumption and provides the customer with thousands more hours of bulb life.

Green elevators don’t require hydraulic oil like many residential elevators that require 20 to 25 gallons to operate. Green elevators’ traction system utilizes a small motor instead of a hydraulic pump and oil.

Elevator companies have also borrowed soft-start technology for green elevators to power variable-frequency drives that significantly reduces energy costs.

Energy consumption is the key to what makes an elevator green. But the materials, processes and technology that go into the manufacture are also important, along with the choices of interior paints, flooring, control panels, lighting and HVAC systems. Green elevator cabs can be made from recycled materials, which adds another positive green feature to the design.

Using environmentally safe or green products has become a big concern for many people, who are buying them to save energy and leave a smaller carbon footprint. Green elevators are more eco-friendly than traditional elevators and are being offered by major elevator manufacturers today.

Elevator Spotlight: Freedom Green

freedom green elevator

Residential elevators increase mobility and accessibility at home. They make traveling between floors a breeze and will bring up your home’s value. With eco-friendly products being popular choices in today’s world, there is an elevator for those who want to be environmentally conscious.

The Freedom Green residential elevator provides a luxurious, yet affordable and energy saving means of transportation in your home. There are many benefits to installing the Freedom Green elevator in your home.

Increased Mobility – The Freedom Green gives anyone with a physical disability, handicap, those who struggle with stairs, or just anyone who needs help getting to the next floor of their home the ability to do so with ease.

Increased Accessibility – It has the ability to travel several floors, giving you access to every level of your home.

Machine Room-less Design – It is large enough to carry several passengers or someone who uses a wheelchair, but is small enough to where it does not require a machine room.

Savings – The unique traction drive system and counterbalance the Freedom Green uses requires very little power. This design utilizes up to 50 percent less energy than conventional home elevators, saving you money on your utility bills.

Environmentally Friendly – This residential elevator is literally a “green” elevator. There is no hydraulic oil used to operate this elevator, making it very environmentally friendly. A traditional home elevator can require the use of 20-25 gallons of hydraulic oil that could permeate into water sources and become an environmental hazard. The elevator’s interior cab is also made from 100 percent recycled/recovered wood.

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New “Green” Residential Elevator Introduced

The Otis Elevator Company is launching a new residential elevator called the Gen2 Switch. This new eco-friendly elevator eliminates the need for three phase power, can run off solar power, and uses battery technology to allow it to run even in a power outage. With the popularity of residential elevators increasing, the Gen2 should see a large market interested in it.

The Gen2 Switch green residential elevator builds upon the already ground-breaking Gen2 product line. The new Green Elevatorresidential elevator is easy to install, more sustainable, and safer during power failures or outages.

Simpler: The Gen2 Switch plugs into your basic electrical outlet. Once it is plugged in, the elevator has all the power it needs to run.

Sustainable: Just like the other Otis Gen2 elevators, the Switch uses flat-belts and ReGen drives. This makes the Switch up to 75-percent more energy efficient than other traditional home elevators. The Switch also requires 12 times less power from the power grid, in comparison to the standard Gen2 residential elevator. The system’s single phase technology is capable of drawing renewable power from resources such as solar panels and wind turbines.

Safer: Having a rechargeable battery means never being stuck inside your residential elevator in the event of a power failure or outage. So whether you are in a wheelchair or just bringing up groceries, there is no fear of being stuck inside due to a loss of power.

Many people are installing residential elevators to help make everyday tasks more convenient or to increase mobility for those with a physical limitation. At the same time, people are looking for ways to be more energy efficient and keep their energy bills down. The Gen2 Switch does both by allowing anyone to confidently and independently reach every floor of their home while using far less energy than other residential elevators.

Freedom Green: Enhance Mobility While Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Freedom Green elevatorIn 2012, going green surpasses an out-of-the-ordinary lifestyle choice. Instead, making environmentally-conscious decisions on a daily basis is essential, and those smaller choices – such as recycling a can instead of tossing it in the trash or opting for green light bulbs – add up over time. But, if your home or building must be equipped with a mobility system for improved accessibility and better independence, what choices do you have beyond a hydraulic elevator? Consider the Freedom Green from Nationwide Lifts.

Luxurious yet affordable, the Freedom Green is a home elevator characterized by a traction drive system. This mechanism makes the Freedom Green environmentally-friendly on two fronts. First, the traction drive employs a counterbalance system, and the elevator’s motor, as a result, requires less power – up to 50 percent, to be precise – to operate.

Although hydraulic systems are common for home elevators, they have one significant drawback. 20 to 25 gallons of hydraulic oil are needed to operate, and should this lubricant leak, it can cause an environmental hazard. Because the Freedom Green operates sans a lifting cylinder, hydraulic oil is not necessary.

Within your home or small commercial building, the Freedom Green has even further benefits. The design, first off, is economical, in terms of construction, as a machine room is not required. The cab, as well, can match the interior of your home. As the metallic look of a home elevator can frequently appear out of place with the rest of your décor, Nationwide Lifts offers a choice of colors and finishes for an interior constructed out of 100-percent recycled or recovered wood content.

Beyond these features, the Freedom Green offers conveniences common with most home elevators. With fully-automatic operation, the system has a 1000-pound capacity and travels at 40 feet per minute with a 2hp motor. On/off lights, a digital display on the operating panel, and home landing round out the features.

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