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Nationwide Lifts of Colorado Can Make Your Home or Business More Accessible

If you need to increase accessibility at your Colorado home or business, Nationwide Lifts of Colorado may have the solution. We can provide you with a home elevator, stair lift, or wheelchair lift to suit your needs that will make your residence or commercial building accessible to individuals with limited mobility.

elevatorNationwide Lifts of Colorado offers an extensive selection of both traditional and contemporary home elevators. Our Freedom and Vision lines of residential elevators come in a variety of sizes and designs to suit any home’s needs and available space. Our elevators can also be installed in low-rise commercial buildings to improve accessibility. Many of our elevators are large enough to accommodate a wheelchair. They offer a variety of weight capacities, and some do not require a separate machine room. Our selection includes cable-driven, hydraulic, and pneumatic elevators.

stair liftIf you need to improve accessibility at your home or business but don’t have room for an elevator, consider a stair lift from Nationwide Lifts of Colorado. Our stair lifts come in a variety of sizes and weight capacities and can be customized to work on any straight or curved staircase, with or without landings. They provide a safe way to get from floor to floor for someone who has difficulty using the stairs. We even offer weather-resistant stair lifts that can be used outdoors year-round.

wheelchair liftWe can also help if you need to enable someone in a wheelchair to access the upper levels of your home or business, but don’t have the space for an elevator. Our vertical and inclined wheelchair lifts can transport a wheelchair or scooter safely from one level to another. Our wheelchair lifts are available in a variety of weight capacities and can operate on straight or curved staircases and outdoors.

Limited mobility doesn’t have to prevent you, a family member, an employee, or customers from having complete access to your home or business. If you need to improve mobility, Nationwide Lifts of Colorado has an elevator, stair lift, or wheelchair lift to suit your needs.

Technology Allows Elevator Passengers to See Outside

LiftEyeRiding an elevator usually involves going to a space at a building’s interior and entering a cab, where passengers can lose a sense of perspective and not know where they are in relation to their surroundings. LiftEye, UK-based startup founded by a Russian elevator executive, has developed technology that allows elevator passengers to see a panoramic view of what is happening outside the building. The company’s goal is to provide architects with a tool to keep people oriented as they ride in elevators.

The technology is based on computer vision, a process that converts two images into a three-dimensional model, similar to the way in which people create a single panoramic image with their two eyes. Several cameras must be placed vertically along the building’s façade, or on a neighboring building, and a sensor inside the elevator cab tracks its movements. It can also capture images through a peripheral window. The technology transmits 3D renderings and images of the building’s surroundings and then maps the images onto the renderings. The 3D panorama created by the cameras is synced to the sensor, which transmits images in the right sequence and at the correct height. This shows passengers what they would see if they were to move at the edge of the building.

LiftEye can be used in most elevators, as long as they have room for the 50-inch-wide display and can accommodate nearly 1,000 pounds of additional weight.

Some large hotel chains have expressed interest in LiftEye’s technology. Since the sensors do not necessarily have to be located on the same building as the elevator, it would be possible to use the technology to transmit images of theme parks to hotel elevators. Touch-screen capabilities could also allow the panel to work as an interactive map of the building or local attractions.

LiftEye’s technology was demonstrated at the Interlift trade show in Germany in October 2013. The company plans to display the system at the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat’s annual conference in Shanghai this year.

The Most Unique American Hotel Elevators

Legoland HotelSome hotels in the United States are popular for more than their rooms. Many have unique elevators intended to delight guests of all ages.

The Legoland Hotel at the Legoland theme park in Carlsbad, California stands three stories tall. The Disco Elevator is decorated with pictures of Lego people on the walls, a disco ball that hangs from the ceiling, flashing lights, and music that changes with every ride. The hotel lobby features a whoopee cushion to entertain guests who are waiting for the elevator.

The 32-story Westin St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco has five exterior elevators that rise at a rate of 1,000 feet per minute. The elevators offer breathtaking views of Union Square and the surrounding city.

The Atlanta Marriott Marquis is 50 stories tall. Its elevators overlook the atrium and provide passengers with a view of the 50-foot, color-changing canopy sail on the ceiling. The hotel is located close to both the Georgia Aquarium and centennial Olympic Park.

The Inclinator, the elevator at the pyramid-shaped Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, rises at an angle of 39 degrees as it carries passengers up 30 floors. In the evening, the Egyptian-style lobby is illuminated.

The Hotel Del Coronado was opened in 1888. It still has its original elevator, which was one of the first electric elevators ever made. The Del Coronado was also the location where the Marilyn Monroe classic “Some Like It Hot” was filmed. The hotel is rumored to be haunted.

The Standard High Line Hotel in New York City has used the elevator in its 18-floor property to screen videos created by artist/director Marco Brambilla. The elevator at the Standard East Village features the overhead “Pixel Cloud” installation by artist Daniel Arsham.

Technology Creates Unique Elevator Experiences

elevator imageNew technology allows elevator riders to have an interactive experience. Digigage, a Tel Aviv-based company, has created a software and sensor system that creates animated “wallpapers” that are projected on screens embedded in elevator walls. The software uses tricks of perspective to make it appear as though the scene is scrolling as the elevator moves.

Digigage refers to the concept as a “digitally transparent elevator.” The company’s designers created the software and sensor system to add depth to the elevator-riding experience and create a new environment. The images can include scenes of windows, aquariums, or coral reefs, as well as news or text. The system senses the movement of the elevator and responds to make images rise or fall on the screen.

Digigage wants to become a universal platform to provide information and content in elevators. The technology can be added to both new and existing elevators and is effective in both tall and smaller buildings. The speed of the images can be adjusted to make it feel as though the cab is moving faster or slower.

The control system is cloud-based, and one user can control multiple elevators at one time and change images and content from anywhere in the world using an internet connection. The system can be customized with text and information for each floor. The technology functions separately from the movement of the elevator itself, so it cannot affect the safety of the elevator.

The software’s designers realized that their idea had the potential to create a feeling of seasickness in elevator riders, so they took that into account when designing the system. It synchronizes the motion that a passenger feels when the elevator is moving to the images that the person sees so that they match and the rider does not experience a queasy feeling.

The company’s designers prohibit the use of their software for advertisements. Their goal is simply to create a positive experience for elevator passengers.

A Freedom Elevator Can Improve Mobility at Your Home or Business

Nationwide Lifts offers a line of Freedom elevators that can improve mobility and accessibility at your home or business.

Freedom GreenThe Freedom Green residential elevator operates with unique traction drive system technology and does not require a machine room. Since it uses a counter-balanced system, the Freedom Green elevator requires very little power to operate, which reduces energy costs by up to 50 percent. Unlike most home elevators, the Freedom Green elevator does not use hydraulic oil, which reduces the risk of environmental contamination. Its cab is made from recycled/recovered wood. It also includes many standard features that cost extra on most other elevator models. The Freedom Green residential elevator can transport up to 1,000 pounds at a rate of up to 40 feet per minute.

The Freedom 750 home elevator uses a hydraulic drive system. It has a 1,000-pound weight capacity and can travel up to 36 feet per minute. It can travel up to 50 feet and five stops. The Freedom 750 elevator includes standard safety features, such as a battery-powered lowering system, emergency alarm, and automatic door locks. It comes in a variety of wood finishes and door configurations to create a customized look for your home. A machine room with a telephone jack is required.

Freedom CommercialThe Freedom 1500 is a large, luxury residential elevator. It can transport up to 1,500 pounds, which makes it the largest home elevator model. It has automatic side-sliding doors, rather than the accordion gates in most home elevators. The doors are available in stainless steel, paintable steel, or wood or designer veneers. The Freedom 1500 elevator can travel up to 50 feet with five stops at a rate of 40 feet per minute. It includes safety features, such as battery-powered lowering, battery backup lighting, and automatic door locks. A machine room with a telephone line is required.

The Freedom Commercial elevator is suitable for two- or three-story buildings. It can transport up to 1,400 pounds at a rate of 30 feet per minute. It features automatic side-slide doors and a cab with stainless steel fixtures and a choice of wall panels. A machine room with a telephone jack is required. A Freedom Commercial elevator takes 10 to 15 days to install. It uses a hydraulic drive system for smooth and quiet operation.

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