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Real Homes with Residential Elevators

Home elevators aren’t just for the super-rich anymore. People aren’t just installing them in mansions, middle-class citizens are putting them in their two-story homes. As the prices lower and technology improves, more home owners are installing elevators, either into their existing homes or in new ones.

A survey from the National Association of Home Builders found that 12 percent of home owners listed elevators as a desirable or essential home feature, up from just 4 percent back in 2001. With more and more people wanting elevators in their home, elevator companies are creating more residential models for people to choose from. Architects are building creative custom home elevators to match the décor of the home. Check out some of the elevators people have in their homes!

This custom elevator in a Connecticut home looks and feels like it’s just another room. It is designed to mirror the traditional style of the home.

custom elevator

Glass elevators are becoming more and more popular in the residential market. They provide 360-degree views that can make passengers feel less claustrophobic.

glass elevator

The pneumatic elevator is one of the top residential choices. They can be installed almost anywhere and do not require a machine room. The drive system uses air pressure to move the cab, requiring very little energy.

pneumatic elevator

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The Next Dimension in Luxury Living

Artisan Elevators

Want all the benefits of a home elevator, but also wish for yours to be one-of-a-kind? Artisan Elevators manufactures custom home elevators to increase both the mobility and styling of your home. Their ultra-luxurious elevators are individualized for each customer, meeting your exact specifications.

When you work with Artisan Elevators to create your home elevator, you get the expertise of design engineers with over 20 years of experience. Their high-end products are for those who want to enjoy the convenience of a residential elevator, but also want a sophisticated design to match the décor of their home. You will be able to decide on everything custom elevatorfrom which drive-system the elevator will use to what materials will be used to create it.

Choose between hydraulic, winding drum, machine tractor drive, and even pneumatic drive systems for your home elevator. You can then decide on other details of the elevator, such as what the doors will look like and exterior design. After all of the measurements are decided and designs are chosen, preliminary sketches are drawn. Those sketches are then transformed into 3D models for the customer so they can see exactly what their custom elevator will look like.

Having a custom elevator in your home is the next dimension in luxury living. Not only will you benefit from the convenience, but you will also enjoy the aesthetics that comes with a custom home elevator. Artisan Elevators will also create custom works for commercial properties too. Whether you want to add a touch of luxury to your home or business, Artisan Elevators can help!

Why Nationwide Lifts is America’s Leader in Home Elevators

Nationwide Lifts

If you are considering adding a home elevator to your existing home or new construction, choosing the right product and contractor can be stressful. Nationwide Lifts understands your connection to your home and the important role their products have in your lives. With the largest selection of products, the industry’s best warranty, 24/7 phone support, and a network of offices across the United States, Nationwide Lifts is America’s Leader in home elevators.

Nationwide Lifts is a company driven by customer satisfaction. Their success comes from their belief in the principles of honesty, quality, and quick response. Nationwide Lift’s attention to detail and commitment to unparalleled customer service and support is what has given them the reputation as America’s leader in home elevators.


Nationwide lifts prides themselves on having a large selection of products for its customers to choose from. This assures that they will have the perfect product to fit each individual person’s needs. Every one of their lifts have customizable features that enable you to get exactly what you want. With the capabilities to construct one-of-a-kind elevators, Nationwide Lifts can Pneumatic Elevatorcreate a residential elevator for any home.

America’s Best Warranty

Nationwide Lifts is so confident in their products, installation, and service that they offer the best warranty in the country. Competitors’ warranties don’t even come close to what Nationwide Lifts offers. Nationwide Lifts covers mechanical parts for 10 years, electrical parts for 3 years, and labor for one full year. That confidence in their products is another reason why Nationwide Lifts is America’s leader in home elevators.

24/7 Live Phone Support

Have you ever had a question about a product you have purchased and when you called the company you end up with an automated voice message? Well, this will never happen with Nationwide Lifts. You can call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and talk to a real Nationwide Lifts employee who is ready to help answer any questions you may have.


Have the peace of mind that you have chosen a company with offices across the United States when you work with Nationwide Lifts. Know that your elevator is supported by a large team of professionals committed to customer service. Their passion for excellence has enabled them to shape their growth and become known across the states as America’s leader in home elevators.

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Ohio Man Helps Rebuild Trade Center by Working on Elevators

1 World Trade Center

Scott Ashmore of Clintonville, Ohio, has been spending his lunch breaks at the top of the new 1 World Trade Center building. The 51 year old elevator adjuster likes to admire the view of Manhattan and beyond. Ashmore and his fellow union workers have been working diligently to complete the elevators and escalators of the skyscraper.

Ashmore said that the view from the top of the 1,776 foot tall building was unbelievable. “The Statue of Liberty was right down below, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State Building to the north – you could see 100 miles.” Ashmore is one of thousands of workers who have had the honor to work on 1 World Trade Center.

The $88 million contract for 73 elevators and 11 escalators was awarded to ThyssenKrupp. Hundreds of the company’s employees are working on the project, including Ashmore. “This was the chance of a lifetime. Elevator InfoNot many people can say they worked on the World Trade Center,” he said. Ashmore has been working with elevators since he graduated from high school in 1979. He followed in his father’s footsteps, who also worked in elevator construction.

The project includes five express elevators that will travel about 2,000 feet per minute, or 23 miles per hour. This makes the express elevators of 1 WTC the fastest in the United States. Even with their incredible speed, they are expected to give a smooth ride. “They have a lot of innovation,” said Joe Braman, ThyssenKrupp’s vice president for new equipment. “At that speed, they require aerodynamic shrouding, like when you design a wing on the back of a car.” The elevators also have systems in place that prevent swaying during storms.

Ashmore said that the elevators are all based on counterweight systems. The counterweight, which hangs opposite of the elevator cab, must equal 50 percent of the weight of a fully loaded elevator car. Each elevator also has a safety cable connected to a governor. This is a safety measure that automatically puts on the brakes and disconnects all the circuits to the motors if the elevator overspeeds.

The elevators will also use destination dispatching instead of elevator buttons. This will allow you to register for the floor you want to go to from the lobby on a touch screen television monitor. It will then direct you to which elevator you will be taking.

Ashmore has returned home from his work at 1 WTC, but hopes he will be asked back to work again in the future.

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Barclays Center gets Innovative Elevator and Parking System

Barclays Center

The Barclays Center just had an upgrade so cool to their parking garage that even the Nets are impressed. The Brooklyn NBA team’s new elevator and parking system are the buzz around the league. Players’ cars and team buses are easily transported from the street into the underground parking area of the stadium.

Denver Nuggets forward Wilson Chandler, after using the innovative elevator system for the first time, recently said, “Just pulling up to it is just crazy. It’s very futuristic.” When you pull up to the arena along Dean Street, youCommercial Elevator will enter one of two, 14 ½ foot by 81 foot freight elevators that are manned and gated. The giant commercial elevator then takes you down 2 ½ stories underground to the private parking area. Once your ride is over, there is little room to maneuver your vehicle. To alleviate this problem, a turntable was installed at the bottom of the elevator. The massive turntable will rotate a vehicle to an angle that allows the driver to pull out and park. It can hold up to 100,000 pounds and rotate a full 360 degrees within four minutes.

The turntable is able to rotate away teams’ buses and is always impressing visitors. Daniel Brooks drives the visiting teams’ buses and said he can’t even count how many jaws have dropped after experiencing the new parking system at Barclays.

The high-tech system was created to save space and was used instead of huge driving ramps that are typically used at other sports venues. Los Angeles Laker forward Antawn Jamison said, “I wish I would have thought about that when I built my house, because that’s some 007 stuff.” It seems like everyone around the league is impressed with the innovative new elevator system.

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