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Study Shows that Time Spent Waiting for Elevators Correlates with Quality of Office Buildings

Have you ever calculated the amount of time you wait for an elevator? While the wait may be insignificant for the average person, the time spent waiting for elevators, particularly for workers in office buildings, adds up over time. Could this be an indication that the elevator systems in such office buildings need to be replaced with one more efficient?

A recent analysis, titled Smarter Building study by IBM, involved a survey of 6486 office workers in 16 cities. Questions asked included wait time for elevators and the time spent inside them during a period of 12 months. In this study, as indicated by the link above, New York came in first, with the amount of time spent waiting for an elevator being 16.6 years. Other cities, such as Atlanta, had less wait time, but, even with 4.3 years spent waiting for elevators, the amounts were still large enough to draw concern about the state of many office buildings.

Aside from elevators, office buildings were found to consume 72 percent of all electricity and generate 38 percent of electricity-related greenhouse gases. Coupling these statistics together with the information regarding elevators, the overall results of the Smarter Building study indicate that many office buildings are stuck in the past.

Some people, on the other hand, are willing to make a building more efficient and green. In regards to elevator systems, using green elevators would be one approach to adding more efficiency to office buildings. Environmentally-friendly elevators, such as Machine-Room-Less Traction Elevators, are designed for energy savings of 50 percent. The result is a significant reduction in the energy used by elevators. The same holds true for residential elevators. The Freedom Green elevator utilizes the same design as the green commercial elevators, bringing the energy savings to private residences. The Freedom Green design, additionally, involves no hydraulic oil and uses recycled materials in the composition of the cab.


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