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Students Cause Elevator to Stop

Ah, summer. When I think of heat temperatures and the beach trips that come with this penultimate season, I also think about the trouble that it causes when it comes to elevators. Usually – as I have mentioned several times before – the heat that we experience in the summer can take its toll on the operational ability of lifts and elevators. Power outages, brown outs and high heat can all have adverse effects on the inner workings of elevator mechanisms.

However, the high temperatures of summer are not the only reason that an elevator may stop working. According to the Valley Independent Sentinel, Shelton High School in Shelton, Connecticut, recently had an incident involving a stalled elevator and some rule-bending students:

“A Shelton High School elevator got stuck between two floors Wednesday afternoon after too many students piled into it. There were 13 students in the elevator, according to Shelton High School Headmaster Beth Smith. The weight from the overloaded elevator caused the emergency brakes to enact, stopping the elevator between the second and third floors, Smith said.”

The Headmaster called in emergency personnel as a precaution after the lift stopped. Apparently, the elevator’s weight limit had been exceeded by a number of students who did not belong in the cabin. The students not supposed to be there are in trouble:

“‘The elevator is run by a swipe card system,’ Smith said. ‘When the door opens, it’s just like any other door. Anyone can go in.’ Smith said the school will take disciplinary action against the students who did not belong in the elevator.”

Think about this story the next time you try and squeeze yourself into that residential elevator or commercial elevator with what seems like too many people. Although you may not be put into a dangerous situation, the emergency brakes on your cabin may stop if the weight seems like too much for the lift. Wait for the next cabin and keep your elevator as safe as possible.


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