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Stairlifts and Elevators can Extend Life at Home

There are not many older homes that were designed to give longevity to its inhabitants. As a result, as people get older, they start to have trouble navigating their two-story homes with steep stairs and narrow doorways. Older homes often do not have the standard measurements that are used in newer homes today. However, with the help of a stairlift or residential elevator, it is possible to regain some of your mobility back and stay living in your home longer.

If the stairs in your home have become a major obstacle to reaching a bedroom or bathroom, take a ride on a stairlift or bypass the stairs altogether with a residential elevator.


Stairlifts are an inexpensive and convenient way to be able to use the stairs in your home once again. With rechargeable batteries, comfortable seat and footrest, and smooth ride, a stairlift will make traveling between floors in your home a breeze. The price will depend on the model, length of track, and type of track. Some staircases take a turn before reaching the next floor and that will require a custom curved track. A stairlift with a curved track will increase the price, but will be well worth it. Many stairlifts will fold up when not in use, so it will not hinder the stairs from other people. The rechargeable batteries ensure that even in a power outage you can still operate your stair lift and will not get stuck.

Residential Elevators

A slightly more expensive alternative to the stairlift, the residential elevator will bypass the stairs altogether. There are many options when looking for a residential elevator for your home. There are elevators small enough to carry one person and some large enough to help someone in a wheelchair travel between floors. Some of the higher class residential elevators use hydraulic or cable driven drive systems. These elevators will have a higher price tag but are hidden away and are similar to commercial models. Pneumatic residential elevators are a more affordable model that uses vacuum technology. They are less intrusive on your home and require less installation, keeping the price low. A residential elevator gives you the freedom to travel between multiple floors in your home with ease. Regain your independence and mobility back with an elevator in your home.
Both stairlifts and residential elevators make it possible to grow old in your home. They will give you back your independence and mobility, so you do not have to move to a new home or assisted living facility.


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