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Stairlift Charge Considered Overkill By Family

There is no clear data on the number of stairlifts all over the world. Only one thing is clear when it comes to stairlifts – they are used for two main reasons. First, stairlifts are installed in public buildings like libraries, churches and office buildings to ensure that everyone can easily travel up and down staircases. Secondly, home stairlifts exist to give handicapped homeowners increased mobility throughout their residences. In both instances, it can be assumed that many persons using stairlifts are older and have difficulty with movement that the rest of us take for granted.

That’s why companies like Nationwide Lifts take great care in not only the installation of stairlifts, but also in the payment process. In some cases, our representatives can help you apply for financial assistance to get the lift or other mobility device you need. However, there are unfortunate instances where other companies treat their customers wrongly.

Home StairliftsAccording to a story from The Sunday Sun, an 87-year-old woman was charged £95 for a house call made by a stairlift worker. This would normally be reasonable, if only the work done was difficult, the family says:

“An engineer from Dolphin Stairlifts turned the button from off to on … and left the huge bill. Now the family of Lydia, 87, who suffers from dementia, have attacked the charge. Son-in-law Ian Robson said the £95 charge does not represent the amount of work carried out. He said: ‘The stairlift was not working so Lydia rang the company which installed it. An engineer came out but all he did was put the switch into the on position.’”

The charge was defended by the stairlifts company, the article says. The owner of the company has various reasons for this type of service charge. This type of story points out the importance of working with a knowledgeable team of stairlift and home elevator professionals like Nationwide Lifts.


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