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Spanish Company Expanding Underground Bicycle Storage System

bicebergBicycle riders have long faced a dilemma – finding a safe place to store their bikes while they go about activities on foot. Spanish technology and software company ma-SISTEMAS has found a solution. They have created Biceberg, a system that allows cyclists to store their bicycles safely underground.

Users insert a card with a microchip and type in their personal code and then place their bicycles in an elevator that transports them to an underground storage facility. Riders also have the option of storing a helmet and a bag with their bikes. Later, they insert their card to retrieve their items. The process only takes about 30 seconds to store the items and 30 seconds to retrieve them.

The underground facilities, which are 1.5 to 5.25 meters deep, can store 23, 46, 69, or 92 bikes in a cylindrical watertight container up to 7.5 meters in diameter. Microwave radar can detect unauthorized items, such as animals or fuel, before the elevator is lowered. It will not descend until the prohibited item is removed.

Bicebergs are currently being used in Zaragoza, Blanes, Huesca, Vitoria, Barcelona, and several other cities throughout Spain. The system has been in use since 2003, and ma-SISTEMAS is beginning to expand across Europe.

The Biceberg system was patented in 1994. After showcasing their invention at specialist trade fairs and receiving a positive response, the developers created ma-SISTEMAS to develop and market Biceberg. The company’s stated goal is a 100 percent guarantee against robbery.


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