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Some English Pensioners Denied Stairlifts

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There are many reasons why a person may have limited mobility. They may have been in an accident and is confined to a wheelchair. They might have a genetic condition that causes movement to be difficult. The list goes on and on, but in a lot of cases, getting older can be a major cause of limited mobility. For this reason, many senior citizens look for options in their homes to improve their ability to move around and get from floor-to-floor. Sometimes, a stair lift or home elevator will be partially or fully funded by a government organization or insurance company, but some citizens in England aren’t getting the same kind of help.

According to an article from Mail Online, elderly citizens are being denied basic health and home care services, which includes installation of stairlifts where needed. This cutback in funding has been caused by misappropriated budgeting:

“…the public spending watchdog said that if councils spent their money more efficiently, they could free up at least £312 million [$492 million] from their social care budgets. This would be enough to fund a year’s home help for 20,000 elderly people. The Audit Commission found that money is being wasted on the reviews carried out by councils to decide whether someone is entitled to free care.”

By allotting more funding to some councils than others, quality care was sometimes overlooked in favor of higher profits, the article says. This was problematic, especially due to the fact that these councils achieved the same level of quality, regardless of how high the costs were. This causes the authorities to categorize pensioners who need care, based on the level of their needs:

“Pensioners denied free care have to use their savings on private care, while others end up in hospital or residential care because hospitals have abandoned them.”

Luckily, some of these people are expected to get the care they need, once this system is able to find ways to cut costs.


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