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Smart Elevator Technology

Elevator Technology

Elevator technology is on the rise, literally. Time is money, and people want to get where they are going FASTER. No one wants to call for cab, get stuck at a traffic light, and to wait for an elevator. New technology is making waiting for an elevator and unnecessary stops things of the past.

The technology is called Personal Occupant Requirement Terminal, or PORT. As citiPORTes grow and more people need to use elevator systems, this technology is making elevators more efficient and smarter. PORT uses a kiosk with a touchscreen in the lobby that replaces traditional elevator call buttons.

The PORT system and its algorithm learns the traffic of the building and tracks passenger behaviors, such as when they take lunch, what floor they love or work on, or when they take coffee breaks. Each person has a personalized card that helps the system track these behaviors to direct you to the elevator that will get you to where you are going the fastest. This new elevator technology groups people going to the same floor to create less wait time, less travel time, and more efficient rides. The national director of sales and marketing for the company that created PORT stated:

“So it begins to learn where the elevator stops, when it stops, what floor it stops at, how often it stops, so we could begin to predict where people want to be and where they want to go throughout the day.”

Studies have shown that 60 percent of the world population will live in urban areas in 40 years, as more people move to the cities. PORT technology can help make elevators more efficient even with the higher traffic. PORT technology could shorten the time passengers spend waiting for and riding elevators by 30 percent.

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