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Senior Apartment Building Elevator Outage

Senior Apartment BuildingAlmost every apartment building – excluding those built in late 19th and early 20th centuries – have some sort of lift system to aid its tenants move in between floors. This is especially in two situations, when these buildings feature double-digit floor totals and when they are primarily for assisted senior living. When power goes out in the summer time, the residents in these buildings are left in dire straits, with no way to get to their apartments except up the stairs.

This was the case at a senior residence apartment building in Florida last week, where citizens had already been without power since a week earlier. According to an article in the Bradenton Herald, engineers were hard at work attempting to rectify the situation early this week:

“A field engineer from Miami joined the two engineers already on the job Friday.Yet as of mid-afternoon neither of two elevators had been restored to service at DeSoto Towers senior residence, 1523 Sixth Ave. W., though repair work was ongoing.”

With the elevator outage moving towards the two-week mark, the building manager has been actively finding ways to assist residents with grocery needs and other supplies. The article says manager Nancy Steele has been checking on residents and bringing requested food and much needed prescriptions. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time these residents have dealt with outage problems. As one tenant put it:

“This isn’t the first time these elevators have been a problem, especially the last two or three years. It’s not unusual for one or both to be out of order. This should’ve been taken care of a long time ago.”

For this reason, the current elevators (which were last renovated in the early 90s) will be replaced with new models from a totally different company. Luckily, these plans were already in place before this current situation occurred.


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