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Schindler Partners with Solar Impulse on Solar Powered Plane

Schindler Solar Impulse

Solar Impulse is an organization that has been working on a zero fuel airplane that runs on only solar energy. They have created a solar powered aircraft that they hope to fly around the world. Schindler, an elevator company, has partnered with Solar Impulse to provide them with technical expertise and financial support.

Schindler has a lot of experience in solar powered technology because they have created solar powered elevator systems. As demands for mobility grows and fuel resources decrease and becomes more expensive, the future lies in clean, sustainable energy from renewable sources. Solar Powered AirplaneSchindler has been developing solar powered technology to power their elevators and decrease energy costs for buildings.

Schindler has been working with Solar Impulse on their solar powered airplane technically and financially. Solar Impulse’s plane has already flown to between many cities in the United States. They are now working side by side with Schindler engineers to develop innovations that will revolutionize the structure of materials by improving their robustness and reducing their weight. This type of innovation will not only improve the ability of Solar Impulse’s airplane, it will help make significant reductions in energy consumption for Schindler’s elevators.

Schindler is proud to work with Solar Impulse on their “Across America” mission and their combined efforts will help both companies. Schindler has already made strides in elevator technology and energy reduction by creating their destination dispatching system, machine room-less elevators, regenerative drives, and variable speed escalator technology. In combination with Solar Impulse, Schindler will be able to improve on their already successful solar powered elevator.

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