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Scented Elevators?

The elevator is a very common and still incredibly useful piece of machinery that can be an aid to people with disabilities or those who don’t wish to climb 50 flights of stairs to get to their office. Traditionally, elevators are installed in high rise buildings, but there are a number of them that have been placed in peoples’ homes to help aid handicapped mobility. Also, elevators usually feature some type of music to help pass the time spent inside the cab. However, this isn’t good enough for one business mogul, who decided to buy Muzak Holdings LLC, according to the Toronto Star:

“Mood Media currently has clients in 37 countries around the world and is listed on the Toronto and London Stock Exchanges, he said. The company provides customized music, visuals and scents to retailers. [CEO Lorne] Abony said music and scent geared to a store’s target market can boost sales upwards of 20 per cent. A new campaign for Guess, where the target market is women between the ages of 18 and 30, for example, involves digital screens for visual effects combined with a feminine not-quite-floral scent and “hip on the verge of club,” music.”

If you recognize the name Musak, you might be interested to know that they are a major purveyor of elevator music in the world – you know, those instrumental versions of classic songs that you love to hate? Along with Mood Media, Lorne Abony is looking to truly revolutionize the way you travel in elevators with many sense-based experiences:

‘When asked to describe the perfect scent for a retail outlet, he was hard-pressed to explain exactly what a store’s ideal odour would be, but was clear on one thing: ‘Victoria’s Secret is different from Office Depot.’ Abony said the acquisition of an ‘iconic brand’ such as Muzak will boost five-year-old Mood Media’s footprint in the United States. While Muzak has a large share of the American market for mood music, it does not provide scent, and still transmits sound and songs via satellite. Abony said Muzak’s traditional satellite-based system will be abolished in favour of internet-delivered content with harmonized visuals and scents.”

How would you feel about riding in an elevator with flashy visuals, music and scents that match what you are seeing?


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