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Replacements Needed for Malfunctioning Elevators

Elevator Out of OrderYou have most likely ridden one of those tower drops that every amusement park has. The ride brings you up a number of stories – much like an elevator – and then proceeds to simulate a free fall by bringing you down in much faster fashion. Luckily for those with weak stomachs, the elevators we use on a regular basis do not operate in this way. In fact, these elevators have a number of systems in place to enhance our comfort and safety. In most cases, the lifts we use are the opposite of the Tower of Terror.

However, this begs the question – what happens when the proper protocols are not followed? What happens when elevator inspectors do not perform their inspections and maintenance checks? According to an article in The Orion, the neglected elevators can behave differently than normal, much like the elevators in one Chico State University hall:

“Chico State plans to replace the three Butte Hall elevators in summer 2013, because one of them has dropped half a floor on three separate instances. The total replacement project will cost approximately $1.2 million, said Lorraine Hoffman, vice president for business and finance.”

The funding for this project may come partly from the California State University Chancellor’s Office, the article says. Whatever isn’t provided by this office will have to be covered by Chico State’s business department, as it is the primary user of the hall. The article says that these instances were not found by state officials when the elevator was inspected last year, so this may not be a case of neglect:

“The elevators were last inspected Oct. 31, 2011, by the Elevator Ride and Tramway Unit, said Neil Nunn, the chief engineer for facilities management and services at Chico State. The unit is a part of California’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health and does the elevator inspections once a year. One elevator is offline until the summer as an extra cautionary measure…”

Until completion, those with offices in this hall will be relocated so that the stairs do not have to be the only option for moving from floor to floor.


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