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Real Homes with Residential Elevators

Home elevators aren’t just for the super-rich anymore. People aren’t just installing them in mansions, middle-class citizens are putting them in their two-story homes. As the prices lower and technology improves, more home owners are installing elevators, either into their existing homes or in new ones.

A survey from the National Association of Home Builders found that 12 percent of home owners listed elevators as a desirable or essential home feature, up from just 4 percent back in 2001. With more and more people wanting elevators in their home, elevator companies are creating more residential models for people to choose from. Architects are building creative custom home elevators to match the décor of the home. Check out some of the elevators people have in their homes!

This custom elevator in a Connecticut home looks and feels like it’s just another room. It is designed to mirror the traditional style of the home.

custom elevator

Glass elevators are becoming more and more popular in the residential market. They provide 360-degree views that can make passengers feel less claustrophobic.

glass elevator

The pneumatic elevator is one of the top residential choices. They can be installed almost anywhere and do not require a machine room. The drive system uses air pressure to move the cab, requiring very little energy.

pneumatic elevator

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