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Qualities of a Stair Lift

One convenient way to modify your home is with stair lifts. One of these can be installed on a staircase for someone who can no longer take the stairs. As many older adults and seniors are modifying their homes instead of purchasing a ranch-style house for retirement, stair lifts fall into the same category as home elevators. Adding one between floors makes getting around a multi-story house easier. In fact, manufacturers have a few types: straight, curved, and outdoor stair lifts.
What are some of the qualities you should look for in a stair lift? Some of these include:

• A swivel seat that locks at both ends of the lift. The seat should swivel between 67 and 90 degrees on both ends.
• Two call/send controls.
• 18 to 22 inches between armrests on the seat.
• Foot plate and carriage safety sensors, in case any problems occur on the lift.
• A seatbelt.
• Self-locking gear, rack, and pinion drive. Locking shouldn’t be done manually.
• A seat that can support from 275 to 350 pounds.

Out of the types of stair lifts that can be installed into a home, a straight design is most common. But, some homes, particularly those with a Victorian style, have a curved staircase inside. In this case, manufacturers make a custom curved stair lift that goes around spiral staircases and those with 90 to 180-degree turns. Sometimes, a stair lift is needed to get inside a house, and outdoor models are ideal for this.


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