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Porsche Designs Elevator to Bring Car and Driver to their Apartment

Glass Elevator

You may have seen homes where the owner can pull their luxury vehicle into their living room. This is something that the wealthy do to put their Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Porsche on display like a beautiful piece of art. Now what if you wanted to do this at your apartment? If you sign a lease at the Porsche Design Tower in Miami, you can.

The exclusive oceanfront complex uses three robotic elevators that can deliver both car and driver right to their home. The three glass elevators are the core of the $560 million condominium complex. When a resident drives into the complex, their car is scanned and then placed onto a turntable. After they turn off the engine, the turntable aligns with the glass elevator capsule that will take them to their condo. A robotic arm will then scoop the car up and place it inside the elevator cab. Don’t worry, laser scanners guide the arm to ensure it doesn’t scrape the car’s paint job.

Once you reach the desired floor, the same robotic arm will place the car in the apartment’s sky garage. As a resident rides the elevator to their floor, they can enjoy the panoramic ocean views or watch the in-elevator television.

The Porsche Design Tower really is a luxury complex designed for the extremely wealthy. There is a private restaurant, gym, spa, pool, and 24-hour concierge for residents and their cars. You can purchase a condo for anywhere between $4.5 and $25 million. Even with the high price tag, Porsche says that over 50 percent of the condos are already under contract, so by the time the building opens in 2016 it probably will be sold out.

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