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Pneumatic Elevators Becoming Popular for Residential Use

Pneumatic Home Elevator

One of the biggest problems when installing an elevator in a home is the amount of space required. When homes need to go through lengthy renovations to accommodate for large residential elevators, the installation price increases tremendously. A new type of elevator is looking to solve this issue by using a self-supporting design.

Many home elevators that use hydraulic or cable-driven drive systems often require a machine room or pit to be installed for support. A new type of drive system, called pneumatic, is self-supporting. Pneumatic home elevators are made from alHow a Pneumatic Elevator Worksuminum and polycarbonate and take only a few hours to install. No major construction is needed during installation, keeping the labor costs down. The unique shaping of the pneumatic elevators allows them to be installed into many non-conventional areas and in a variety of house styles.

Pneumatic elevators use vacuum technology to bring the cab up and down. The system is also very energy efficient, using mostly gravity and brakes when the cab descends. Pneumatic turbines turn on when the cab ascends, sucking the air out of the cylindrical shaft and subsequently pulling the cab upwards. A brake system holds the cab at the appropriate floor.

People who want to have the luxury and convenience of a home elevator have really taken to the pneumatic design. Not only is it less expensive, pneumatic elevators’ cylindrical design and self-supporting structure allow them to be installed in almost any room. They come in a variety of sizes, with models big enough to allow a person in a wheelchair to ride. Pneumatic elevators make it possible for the average middle class family to have the luxury of an elevator at home.

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