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Paying for an Elevator with Pizza Money

The older buildings of our communities are always needing restoration work to be brought up to date with the new rules and regulations at federal and local levels. Certain laws make it illegal to construct a building or other structure without ramps, elevators and other mobility elements that allow disabled persons to move easily throughout. However, older buildings have to adapt with the times, even though they do not have to be up to code when new laws are passed. Still, many of these buildings get updates to make disabled persons feel comfortable.

That’s exactly what the Epping Community Church has decided to do. The structure – which was built in the late 1880s – is getting an elevator installed to help its older members reach the second floor of the church. According to the Union Leader, the New Hampshire church has already raised some of the money needed:

“The 125-member church at the corner of Main and Pleasant streets has collected about $290,000 in a building fund for the elevator project and the addition of a new entrance at the back of the church. The work is included in the first phase of a two-part improvement project at the church, where members have collected donations from the small congregation and held pizza nights on Fridays and other dinners to raise funds.”

The article says that this is only part one of an improvement project being started by the church. The church has collected about half of what is needed to finish the project and is planning other fundraising activities outside of pizza nights:

“…the church will hold a concert Saturday night to raise more money for the building fund as members begin looking toward the addition of a large meeting room in the second phase…there is no cost for the concert, but donations for the building fund will be accepted.”

The beginning of the elevator installation project is expected to start by June, the article says.


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