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Outdoor Elevator in Poughkeepsie Opens to the Public

Walkway Over the Hudson ElevatorThe Walkway Over the Hudson elevator opened in Poughkeepsie, New York on August 13. Walkway officials held an unveiling ceremony in the morning and opened the elevator to the public in the afternoon.

The 21-story, air-conditioned elevator connects the Poughkeepsie waterfront to the Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park and a new 18-mile network of trails in Dutchess and Ulster counties.

The Walkway is a former railroad bridge that was completed in 1889. It draws over 700,000 visitors every year. The elevator will provide easier access to the park near the center of the pedestrian bridge for senior citizens and visitors with disabilities.

The elevator is expected to increase tourism by providing more direct access to the railroad station in Poughkeepsie. Metro North recently invested $56 million to restore the station. Officials hope that people will travel to the Walkway by train once they learn how easy it is to get from the station to the Walkway.

The glass elevator transports passengers from the waterfront to the top of the walkway in 70 seconds. Two people can take bicycles in the elevator at a time, as long as they are dismounted. The elevator’s rated capacity is 7,500 pounds. It is designed to stand up to the elements, including wind, rain, sleet, and low temperatures. It is considerably noisier than elevators used inside buildings.

The elevator uses a rack-and-pinion design with a rotating gear that is engaged in a rack bolted to the tower. The gear is driven by a shaft connected to a gearbox and motor at the top of the elevator cab. The elevator has two 35-horsepower motors, two shafts, and two pinion gears at the top of the car. Side rollers guide the elevator as it moves up and down and keep it stable between the two towers.

The $2.8 million elevator project was funded by a $2.4 million federal Transportation Enhancement Program grant, as well as other grants obtained by the non-profit Walkway Over the Hudson friends group.

What Optional Features Are Available with a Stair Lift?

indy-luxMany people find it difficult to go up or down stairs, which can confine them to only one portion of their home. A stair lift can safely transport an individual with limited mobility to each floor in a home. A variety of models are available with standard and optional features.

If you have a narrow staircase, the Indy Pinnacle stair lift is the solution. It is the narrowest stair lift available, measuring only 11 inches wide, and can be used on a staircase as narrow as 26 inches across. It can transport up to 350 pounds. The Indy Pinnacle also has an optional automatic folding rail, upgraded seat, and bronze rail.

The Indy Lux is a more luxurious stair lift. It has a 400-pound weight capacity and a seat that can adjust to a variety of widths and heights. It is available in your choice of seven upholstery options. Other optional features include a larger seat and footrest, manual or power folding rails, a power swivel seat for entry and exit, and an auto-folding footrest that lifts and extends automatically when the seat changes positions. It also includes an optional mid-park and charge station for a staircase with a landing in the middle.

The Indy Curve stair lift can move up and down a curved staircase at almost any angle. It can carry up to 400 pounds and is designed to take up a minimal amount of space. The arms, seat, and footrest can fold up when not in use, and the seat swivels at the upper landing. It includes an optional mid-park and charge station, as well as an optional upper and lower landing park position to provide extra stability when entering and exiting. The Indy Curve is available in a variety of custom colors.

The Indy XL stair lift has the highest weight capacity – 500 pounds. It takes up minimal space, and the seat swivels 90 degrees at the upper landing for easy entry and exit. It includes a heavy-duty seat, arm and footrest frames, and an integrated constant pressure control switch. It is available with an optional bronze rail.

The Indy Platform stair lift is ideal for an individual who uses a wheelchair. It can transport a wheelchair and passenger weighing up to a combined 500 pounds up and down a staircase, eliminating the need to transfer from a wheelchair to the stair lift. The Indy Platform has a wall-mounted guiderail that also offers stability as a handrail. When folded, the platform extends only 12 inches from the wall. It includes both manual and auto-folding ramps for easy entry and exit. It has several standard safety features, including an overspeed governor, upper and lower landing limits, ramp obstruction sensors, and a non-skid surface. The Indy Platform stair lift can be used either indoors or outdoors.

Buffalo Plans to Project Light Show on Grain Elevator

elevator light showThe Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation in Buffalo, New York is planning to project a nightly light show on the Connecting Terminal grain elevator on the west side of the Buffalo Ship Canal starting next year. The light show will be a permanent spectacle to draw visitors to the waterfront area at night.

The light show is expected to last between 40 minutes and an hour. It will repeat every night from dusk to 11 p.m. Officials hope it will enhance nightlife for residents of Buffalo.

The waterfront agency approved two contracts totaling $2.9 million on August 11. The contracts cover construction costs, including electrical installation, at the Connecting Terminal.

The grain elevator was designed by A.E. Baxter and constructed in 1915. It is owned by the New York Power Authority. The Authority recently repaired the elevator’s roof and removed asbestos from the structure.

The city had been planning to light the bridges on local streets and a portion of the city‘s Skyway, but those plans have been put on hold, although officials expect them to go forward eventually.

The city plans to create a more elaborate light and projection show in the future. It will be produced by Ambiance Design Productions and based on a public art spectacle the company created in Quebec City. The second project, which is expected to cost $20 million, will tell Buffalo’s history and incorporate 3D video projection, pyrotechnics, smoke, sound, and other special effects. City officials hope to find a sponsor for the show.

A group of grain elevators at Silo City has become a popular attraction in the past couple of years. Those elevators are used for art installations, architectural gatherings, music events, and theatrical performances. The project to illuminate the Connecting Terminal is another way for the city to revitalize the elevators.

Elevators at 4 World Trade Center Use State-of-the-Art Technology

world trade centerThe elevators at 4 World Trade Center use cutting-edge technology to get people to their destinations quickly and save energy.

The building has 37 custom elevators, including three service elevators that travel to high levels. The high-rise elevators are some of the fastest in the world, able to reach top speeds of up to 1,800 feet per minute. The tower also includes two custom hydraulic elevators, two geared service elevators, and six escalators to carry passengers to two retail areas that serve the building.

Thirty-four elevators utilize a destination dispatch system to transport people efficiently. Destination dispatch technology uses a two-way communication interface to optimize traffic flow in the building. Passengers use pre-programmed access cards or a touch screen to tell the elevator their destination. The system directs them to an elevator that is taking other passengers to that floor so they can get to their destination in the shortest amount of time possible and use the least amount of energy.

The high-rise elevators use highly efficient frequency-controlled motors and regenerative drives that use up to 35 percent less energy than standard drives and return energy to the building’s electrical system. That energy can be used to power lighting, air conditioning, or other equipment in the building. The drives also produce less heat, which reduces the cost to cool the machine room.

4 World Trade Center is an LEED Gold certified building. All of the tower’s energy is derived from renewable sources, including wind, solar, and hydroelectric. Rain water collection and low-flow fixtures reduce water usage by 30 percent. The building uses 20 percent less energy than a typical office building because of its high-performance elevators and heating and cooling systems. The building has insulated, full-height windows that reduce air conditioning and lighting needs. Recycled and sustainably harvested materials are used throughout the building.

The 72-story, 977-foot tower includes 2.4 million square feet of leasable office and retail space. The building opened in Downtown Manhattan in November 2013. It has access to the new WTC transportation hub that connects the new PATH terminal, 11 NYC Transit subway lines, the new Fulton Street Transit Center, the World Financial Center, and the ferry terminal.

How Much Space Is Needed for a Glass Elevator?

Vision 450If you need to improve accessibility at home for yourself or a family member and want to enjoy a panoramic view of your house as you ride up and down, a glass elevator is the answer. Several models are available in a variety of sizes to fit into nearly any home.

Unlike many other elevators, glass elevators do not require a pit or hoistway. Instead, they can travel through a hole in the floor or attach to a balcony. They are available in pneumatic models, which use changes in air pressure to move the cab up and down, and cable-driven designs.

If you have limited space, the Vision 350 pneumatic elevator is the perfect solution. It is our smallest elevator, measuring just 30 inches in diameter. It can transport up to 350 pounds and can travel up to four stops. It is designed exclusively for residential use.

If you would prefer a slightly larger elevator, the Vision 450 could be right for you. It has a 37-inch diameter, making it large enough for two people to stand side by side. The Vision 450 can transport up to 450 pounds up to four stops. It is our most popular pneumatic elevator model.

For an individual who uses a wheelchair, the Vision 550 could be the answer. It is our largest pneumatic elevator model, measuring 52 inches in diameter. It can carry up to 525 pounds and travel up to four stops.

If you need an even bigger elevator or would prefer a cable-driven model, consider the Visi-48. It features a unique octagonal design that measures 48 inches at its widest point and offers 11.9 square feet of interior space. It can carry up to 744 pounds and travel up to five stops.

Our largest elevator is the cable-driven Visi-58, which measures 58 inches in diameter. It has the highest weight capacity, 830 pounds, and can travel up to five stops.

Don’t let limited mobility keep you from enjoying all the rooms in your home. A glass elevator can fit into even a small house and allow you full access to your home.

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