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Ottawa Transpo Facing Elevator Outages

It seems that a lot of metro transportation services throughout North America are having a ton of problems keeping elevators and escalators in working order during the hot summer months, when travel is quite crowded as it is. Just a few weeks ago, I discussed the issues that Washington, D.C. is having with their metro stations:

“Washington, D.C.’s public transit system has hit a wall. It is unable to quickly and efficiently move passengers from area to area because of failing escalators and elevators. Many of the reasons for these massive outages stem from a shrinking budget coupled with higher operating costs of the D.C. Metro Line, the city’s subway system.”

This problem isn’t exclusive to Washington, D.C. either. A newspaper in Canada recently published an article about the number of broken down elevators at stations all across the country’s provinces. Users of the OC Transpo system have been dealing with broken down elevators for more than 6 weeks now, leaving handicapped or otherwise disabled transit users to miss connections and transfers.

These breakdowns are also the cause of many delays and backup around the stations, seeing as it can’t move riders from train to train effectively and efficiently. Apparently, the only way for passengers to know if their specific elevator is working is to check the OC Transpo website before getting to the station, which is quite convenient.

Luckily for some riders, the article says that OC Transpo authorities are looking into changes:

“Alain Mercier, the general manager of OC Transpo, said most Transitway elevators should be overhauled because they are 25 years old, not because people are urinating in them. Mercier said some elevators would have to be taken out of service for six to eight weeks at a time, depending on the amount of work required to keep them safe.”


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