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Otis Rolls out New Mobile App for eService Customers

Otis Elevator App

Otis Elevator Company has launched its new mobile application that can be used by their eService customers. The app will allow Otis eService customers to gain instant access to open service calls, elevator performance data, and service call logging from a smartphone.

The app was designed for busy building owners and managers and is an extension of Otis’ Elevator Apppopular eService platform. The eService platform is an online performance based repository which allows Otis customers to place service requests, view maintenance data, receive real time updates on open service calls, and more. The app will allow Otis customers the ability to use most of these services on their smartphones or tablets.

The app will make placing service requests and checking elevator data a breeze. People are busier than ever and the app will save building owners and managers valuable time. Now it will be possible to place a service request while walking up the stairs or check performance data while you are riding the elevator.

The app is available to Apple and Android users and comes at no extra cost for eService customers.

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