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One World Trade Center will Feature an Elevator to take Visitors to Observation Deck

One World Trade Center

Visitors of the new One World Trade Center Building will take an elevator ride that will bring them up to the 102nd floor, where the observation deck is located. They will learn about the history of the building while waiting in line for the elevator downstairs. Visitors will also watch a video on the 102nd floor before the magnificent panoramic view is revealed.

Visiting One World Trade Center will be an experience unlike any other once the observation deck is finished in 2015. Officials have been developing the attraction and it will be one of the most significant destinations in the world. The company in charge of creating the experience is Legends Hospitality LLC. Legends is a partnership of the Checketts Partners, the New York Yankees, and the Dallas Cowboys. The company operates concessions at sports stadiums and other venues around the country. Officials from the company, including Observation DeckHal Steinbrenner and Jerry Jones Jr., recently announced an $875 million lease agreement with the building.

The eagle’s nest view through the tower’s sloping windows encompasses all of Manhattan and its surrounding waters. Brooklyn and New Jersey are also visible from the 102nd floor that is expected to be the “Yankee Stadium of observation decks”. The most amazing sight will be the World Trade Center memorial, where twin reflecting pools evoke the lost towers. To get to the observation deck, visitors will travel 1,250 feet in about one minute in a state of the art elevator. Once they reach the 102nd floor, guests will watch a video called “See Forever” before a curtain is raised to reveal the view. Before all this happens, guests will take an escalator to the basement for a presentation on the construction of the building while they wait in line for the elevator.

The tour is estimated to take about an hour-plus to complete and no price has been released yet. There will also be restaurants and snack bars on the 101st floor, a gift shop on the 100th floor, and more videos on the elevator ride back down. The building is set to be completed in early 2014, with the observation deck opening shortly after in 2015.

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