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One Reason for Slow Elevators

I don’t have to take elevators as often as many people do. My office doesn’t have a lift and my home isn’t tall enough to require even a stairlift. Nonetheless, when I do take elevators, it seems that they get faster and faster as the years go on. This isn’t surprising, seeing as people always want to get where they’re going faster than they are getting there. Also, by moving faster, elevators can clear out passengers at a quicker click, making room for more people. So why would a new building a New York City purposely put in a slow elevator?

According to a story from The Mail Online, one apartment building named Melody, is helping tenants with weight problems lose those pounds:

“Residents don’t have to be obese in order to buy an apartment within the building but every element has been painstakingly designed to combat the nation-wide problem. The building has south-facing backyard full of brightly-coloured exercise equipment for adults and climbing frames for children. Inside the first-floor boasts a gym with four tall windows to allow the sun to stream in. It also contains a children’s fitness and climbing wall area where they too ‘can work out’.”

To be honest with you, having this type of building might be a boon to people trying to become healthier. The slow moving elevator is in place almost as a means to cause riders to give up waiting to get to their floor – instead they will take the stairs and get some exercise. The story even talks about the interesting music played in the elevator:

“As well as being slow the elevator also doesn’t play traditional ‘elevator music,’ in fact it doesn’t play any music at all. Instead jazz is pumped out of speakers on the two flights of stairs, which have lime-green railings and small silhouettes of dancing women on the walls. There is also a sign next to the elevator and door to the stairs which reads: ‘A person’s health can be judged by which they take two of at a time, pills or stairs.’”

Goodbye fast elevators…hello stairs.


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