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Ohio Man Helps Rebuild Trade Center by Working on Elevators

1 World Trade Center

Scott Ashmore of Clintonville, Ohio, has been spending his lunch breaks at the top of the new 1 World Trade Center building. The 51 year old elevator adjuster likes to admire the view of Manhattan and beyond. Ashmore and his fellow union workers have been working diligently to complete the elevators and escalators of the skyscraper.

Ashmore said that the view from the top of the 1,776 foot tall building was unbelievable. “The Statue of Liberty was right down below, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State Building to the north – you could see 100 miles.” Ashmore is one of thousands of workers who have had the honor to work on 1 World Trade Center.

The $88 million contract for 73 elevators and 11 escalators was awarded to ThyssenKrupp. Hundreds of the company’s employees are working on the project, including Ashmore. “This was the chance of a lifetime. Elevator InfoNot many people can say they worked on the World Trade Center,” he said. Ashmore has been working with elevators since he graduated from high school in 1979. He followed in his father’s footsteps, who also worked in elevator construction.

The project includes five express elevators that will travel about 2,000 feet per minute, or 23 miles per hour. This makes the express elevators of 1 WTC the fastest in the United States. Even with their incredible speed, they are expected to give a smooth ride. “They have a lot of innovation,” said Joe Braman, ThyssenKrupp’s vice president for new equipment. “At that speed, they require aerodynamic shrouding, like when you design a wing on the back of a car.” The elevators also have systems in place that prevent swaying during storms.

Ashmore said that the elevators are all based on counterweight systems. The counterweight, which hangs opposite of the elevator cab, must equal 50 percent of the weight of a fully loaded elevator car. Each elevator also has a safety cable connected to a governor. This is a safety measure that automatically puts on the brakes and disconnects all the circuits to the motors if the elevator overspeeds.

The elevators will also use destination dispatching instead of elevator buttons. This will allow you to register for the floor you want to go to from the lobby on a touch screen television monitor. It will then direct you to which elevator you will be taking.

Ashmore has returned home from his work at 1 WTC, but hopes he will be asked back to work again in the future.

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