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New York’s Mayor to Ban Elevator Use?

Mayor Bloomberg

Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York is known for his stance on healthy living. While he isn’t going to outlaw elevator use, he is going to encourage New Yorkers to take the stairs. Mayor Bloomberg has been fighting obesity all three terms he has served.

This isn’t Mayor Bloomberg’s first battle with obesity and unhealthy practices. He has created a program discouraging salt consumption, passed a ban on outdoor smoking, supported a one-cent tax on sodas, and even campaigned against school bake sales. The mayor’s newest campaign is to encourage New Yorkers to skip the elevator and take the stairs.

Bloomberg wants buildings to start being designed to promote physical activity. He is fighting hard to make exercise “cool” and to get the people of New York to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Bloomberg announced that his newest executive order would require all city agencies to incorporate active design strategies when implementing major renovations or new construction. Two pieces of legislation will be sent to the city council by the mayor that will promote the use of stairs.

The first proposed bill would require building owners to give stair access to occupants and post signs near the elevators that would promote the use of the stairs. The other proposal would require access to stairways and would promote stair usage through the use of hold-open devices in at least one stairway per building.

Mayor Bloomberg is making a valiant effort to make New Yorkers healthier. He is working with the Center for Active Design to find ways to design healthier buildings, create more inviting outdoor spaces, and promote public transportation. Would you skip the elevator for the stairs?

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