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New York City Museum Showcases Elevator History

elevator museumThe Long Island City Elevator Historical Society is devoted to telling the history of the machine that many New Yorkers rely on every day and may take for granted.

The museum is located in a car garage in an industrial section of Queens. It contains about 4,000 items related to many aspects of elevator design and history.

The museum contains many plaques from the late 19th century from a variety of well-known elevator companies. The collection also includes a number of instructional manuals, with many featuring detailed engravings that were individually produced by artists.

Another section of the museum contains a variety of elevator parts, including an assortment of car switches, motors, and gauges. The collection of parts also includes push stations and enunciators in a variety of shapes and sizes, car ceilings, and button plates.

Some elevator companies used to produce memorabilia to give to their customers as gifts. The museum contains a variety of these artifacts, including lighters, pens, jewelry, and pins.

The museum also houses an autographed photo of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in an elevator from the set of “Titanic.”

The museum was created in 2011 by Patrick Carrajat, a retired elevator maintenance and repair worker who had been collecting elevator parts and memorabilia since he was a child. He decided to create the museum to tell the history of a machine that is so important to the lives of many of the city’s residents.

The Long Island City Elevator Historical Society is free to the public. Visits are by appointment only.


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