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New Technology Provides Bed Detection in Hospital Elevators

It happens every day. Visitors and employees in healthcare facilities wait for the elevator only to find that a patient bed is occupying it when the doors open. Not only is this annoying for those waiting for the elevator, but now the patient has to wait longer to get to the operating room or other destination.

For the patient in the bed, the constant opening of the elevator door when no one can enter can be embarrassing. If people do decide to cram in the elevator car around the bed, the paElevator Technologytient could feel even more awkward. The system used at every hospital is not efficient and there needs to be a way to eliminate the unneeded elevator stops.

CEDES has created a solution to this problem. The system uses sensors that identify that there is a patient bed on board and the elevator will go to the desired floors with no stops. The simple, yet effective, system uses three TPS sensors in the ceiling of an elevator and an evaluation unit mounted on its roof.

The triangulation sensors monitor the inside of the elevator car and emit two independent beams. This allows the sensors to distinguish between passengers and beds – based on the differences in height. Once a bed is detected, the sensors tell the elevator controls to send the elevator car directly to the floor pressed. This eliminates any unnecessary stoppages along the way.

The TPS bed detection system increases privacy and comfort for hospital patients who are bed-bound and traveling between floors. No key switch, transponder card, or destination selection control is necessary with this system. This new elevator technology will make hospital elevators more efficient for everyone.

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