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New “Green” Residential Elevator Introduced

The Otis Elevator Company is launching a new residential elevator called the Gen2 Switch. This new eco-friendly elevator eliminates the need for three phase power, can run off solar power, and uses battery technology to allow it to run even in a power outage. With the popularity of residential elevators increasing, the Gen2 should see a large market interested in it.

The Gen2 Switch green residential elevator builds upon the already ground-breaking Gen2 product line. The new Green Elevatorresidential elevator is easy to install, more sustainable, and safer during power failures or outages.

Simpler: The Gen2 Switch plugs into your basic electrical outlet. Once it is plugged in, the elevator has all the power it needs to run.

Sustainable: Just like the other Otis Gen2 elevators, the Switch uses flat-belts and ReGen drives. This makes the Switch up to 75-percent more energy efficient than other traditional home elevators. The Switch also requires 12 times less power from the power grid, in comparison to the standard Gen2 residential elevator. The system’s single phase technology is capable of drawing renewable power from resources such as solar panels and wind turbines.

Safer: Having a rechargeable battery means never being stuck inside your residential elevator in the event of a power failure or outage. So whether you are in a wheelchair or just bringing up groceries, there is no fear of being stuck inside due to a loss of power.

Many people are installing residential elevators to help make everyday tasks more convenient or to increase mobility for those with a physical limitation. At the same time, people are looking for ways to be more energy efficient and keep their energy bills down. The Gen2 Switch does both by allowing anyone to confidently and independently reach every floor of their home while using far less energy than other residential elevators.


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