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Never Ride an Elevator with a Jedi

Elevator Prank

Elevator pranks have become very popular these days. A comedic group that calls themselves the “JesterLads” decided to fool some unsuspecting elevator riders at a college in London. With the simple wave of their hand, the prankster was able to reopen the elevator doors just before they closed shut. While some of the passengers did not realize what was going on the first time, they would soon rethink their stance on if “the force” is real or not.

So is the guy in the video a real life Jedi? Of course not, but he did a great job of fooling his victims, with a little help from his friend. Right before the elevator doors close, the Jedi waves his hand and the doors magically reopen. However, what is really happening is right as the doors are ready to close, the Jedi’s friend, maybe he is like Jar Jar Binks, smoothly presses the call button. This makes the elevator think someone want to enter the cab and the doors open back up.

The people on the inside don’t see the other person slyly pressing the button, so they think that the hooded rider waving his arm has some sort of powers. One rider actually asks him if he is Neo (from The Matrix). Some stare and smile, while one girl ends up walking off the elevator saying she’ll just take the stairs. Some passengers didn’t take to kindly to the Jedi’s tricks. One passenger tells him to stop it, while another tells him that if he does it one more time he will show him a different kind of force.

Check out the prank for yourself below!

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